How to power through house errands while working from home


Over the last year, managing personal and professional lives has been a struggle for many, especially WFH parents. Aside from their 9-to-5, they also manage the household chores, and juggle between playmate and tutor for their kids. Oftentimes, quality time with family is sacrificed in favor of checking off the to-do list for chores and work assignments. In order to help you keep a good balance between what you have to do and what can recharge you, here are a few tips for all working parents:


Spread out breaks throughout the day

During work hours, it’s easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do, so much so that we sometimes go on “work streaks,” packing our schedules the entire day that we forget to take a break. Squeeze in a ten-minute break in between meetings to attend to smaller tasks, like watering the plants or feeding the pets to put your mind at ease. 


Involve your kids

Doing the household chores is more fun with some teamwork. Involving your kids with some tasks like sweeping the floor, folding their clothes or even helping out as you prepare meals, will instill in them the importance of responsibilities and allow them to learn on their own even at a young age. 


Invest in helpful appliances

Another way to make more time for yourself is to invest in appliances that do the work for you. Consider smart appliances such as a robot vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, and an all-in-one washing machine, so you can focus on other things too. It won’t just save you time, but also help maintain the household clean and organized.


Use products that work hard and in less time

If appliances are too big a commitment, try out fast-acting household products, like laundry detergent. The whole laundry process, which may need to be done multiple times in a week - from gathering and sorting, washing, drying and folding - takes quite a while, so it’s important to look for partners that can help speed this up, such as Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent. You no longer need to spend a while scrubbing away stains, as Breeze Power Machine removes even tough ones in just three steps. 


1.    Dip your finger into the liquid detergent.

2.    Dab the liquid onto the stain directly and load it up in your washing machine.

3.    Wash as usual to eliminate deep stains at the touch of a button.


Best used for top load machines, the Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent lets you power through laundry, as it has powerful ingredients such as Ultraclean Concentrate that can help remove tough stains. As you #DipDabWash tough stains away with Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent, you and your family can get that much-needed and much-deserved quality time together. 

Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent is available in all supermarkets and groceries, as well as through online channels Lazada and Shopee for Php168 SRP (1L bottle). For more information, visit




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  1. Wow ganda naman Nyang kapartner mo sa pag lalaba ma breeze masubukan nga po ito never ko pa kasi ito natry talaga


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