Nutrition-Packed Potato Donuts

 Kids are picky eaters. Whether they are toddlers or in their teens, they tend to develop an aversion to certain foods or totally devour treats they enjoy the most. To encourage healthy eating habits, the challenge is to make nutritious choices more appealing.

Last time, I came up with my kids’ favorite Tuna Potato Croquettes using U.S. frozen potatoes. This time, I decided to use U.S. dehydrated potatoes.

U.S. dehydrated potatoes are high-quality U.S. potatoes, with their water content removed. They deliver all the flavor, nutrition and versatility of potatoes in a more convenient package.


Using U.S. dehydrated potatoes saves time and money as you can do away with the process of washing, peeling, and boiling potatoes. Plus, U.S. dehydrated potatoes have a longer shelf life that can last for up to two years.

Potatoes - in all forms, including dehydrated - provide the complex carbohydratepotassium, and energy we need to perform at our best. Because they are made from fresh potatoes, dehydrated potatoes provide the same nutrients as fresh potatoes.


I found this Potato Donuts recipe at the Potato Goodness website. You can click here for the full recipe:

You’d be surprised how easy it is to make! It’s one of the most amazingly soft and fluffy donuts that I’ve ever had.

They remind me of the good old times. Remember the donuts sold everywhere when we were kids? They taste just like that, but with better texture and more flavor! Ever since I made these goodies, my kids have been asking for them every day. 


I also experimented with this recipe by using different toppings like bananas and peanut butter and strawberry and cream cheese. They taste so good… 


Check out Potatoes USA-Philippines on the following online platforms for more information on U.S. potatoes, plus quick and easy recipes you can recreate at home:






Top quality U.S. potato products are available in the Philippines in three forms: fresh, frozen, and dehydrated. You can get them in stores nationwide.


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