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We've all experienced moments of stress in our lives.  And if you’re struggling to manage it properly, it can be difficult to make your skin care game a top priority. Hence why it’s important to tackle stressed skin like a pro. After all, stress can adversely affect the look and feel of your skin. Thankfully, you can restore order to your visage by following key tips and using the right skin care essentials

Check out RtopR skin care essentials from Shopee Beauty! 


Contains mango essence, this exfoliating cream helps soften the cuticle and remove dead skin cells and  increases the luster and permeability of skin, soothes and repairs the muscle surface.


Contains a variety of body emollient herbal extract and mango formula, that work together to accelerate the burning of fat. 

Mango Body Cream is a fat burner for the tummy, thighs and waist. It works by heating up where you apply it to make it easier to sweat for weight lossAlong with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can start applying RTopR slimming cream.

This slimming cream may not help you with actual fat loss. But it does get rid of the extra cellulite and tone your body.


Rich in Vitamin C ingredients and snail secretion filtrate, this serum works to effectively reduce the generation of melanin, enhance the anti-oxidation ability of the skin, and brightens the complexion from the inside out.


Rich in a variety of herbal flowers essence oil, emitting pleasant flowers. Promotes hair growth, deepens hair follicles, improves hair loss, and repairs dry, rough hair. At the same time, keeps the hair is supple and bright.

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