Get a glimpse of how thrilling modern rider superheroes’ day-to-day


You rely on them every day to deliver your go-to-food, call them when you need things delivered, and trust them to get your items from point A to point B in a much shorter amount of time—but have you ever wondered who your riders are when they're not the superheroes you see on the road?


In a survey conducted by Borzo, formerly Mr. Speedy, 2,000 drivers were asked in the Philippines to share their personal stories with us, and the responses ranged from amusing to heartfelt. "Why did you choose to be a rider?" The question was posed to him, we were not shocked by the number of respondents indicating a preference for work independence and having a second job as a rider or courier. Here are some other interesting facts about these hard working guys (and gals!) that we wished we knew earlier:


They love tips, but kindness is king


Who doesn’t love receiving some extra tip right? And it doesn’t even have to be in the form of an emolument. 83% of the riders who answered our survey said that they really appreciate customers who give them water, food, and sometimes a small token to show their appreciation.


They’re the man (woman) of the house


From a survey conducted by Borzo Philippines, 60% of the rider respondents are parents who would always prioritize their family over anything else. For this reason, most riders prefer working in the morning so that they can spend time with their family at night.


They’re adventure seekers


According to the survey, 58% of riders love transporting items to various destinations since it allows them to visit new places. These riders experience a wide variety of landscapes, whether they're on a metropolitan route or travelling through suburban,residential, or rural areas. New addresses are likely to appear on the packages they must transport, adding to the variety of theirday.

They’re their own boss


Riders just love the fact that nobody tells them what to do, and 78% of our respondents agree with that. They can eat lunch whenever they want, take a break, have a quick nap, drive wherever, etc. Being a rider means you are not obligated to attend long hours of meetings and can even set their own hours to some extent, as long as they deliver on time.


The Philippines is an inherently rider-friendly country


Some countries require couriers to work full-time, however this is not the case in the Philippines, where working in the delivery profession can be a supplement to one's full-time job. As a result, many of our couriers are students or even retired employees.


WATCH: Borzo’s Tropamustahan Courier Forum


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