Give your baby the best protection from morning to night with Pampers this March 21 on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

There is never a dull moment when kids are around, and in these cases an absorbent and high-quality diaper and baby wipes can make life easier by keeping your baby happy and their skin healthy.

I #ChoosePampers as my trustworthy partner in giving my baby the best protection all day long, it is my trusted brand in making everyday life easier and for keeping my baby Eliana Reese's comfortable 24/7. 

Pampers is here to give your baby the best protection from morning to night only at Shopee's Brand Spotlight! 

Pampers Aloe Wipes Duos + Vicks BabyRub 45g 

For a gentle but effective clean that helps protect delicate skin from skin rash, Pampers Aloe Wipes is both ultra soft and strong!

💙 Lotion with Aloe Vera: Helps prevent rashes and redness 

💙 Mild on Baby Skin: With 97% pure water, Pampers wet wipes are mild on baby skin like cotton and water. 

💙Safe for newborn baby skin: Pampers wipes are infused with Vitamin-E and are Paraben-free which makes them safe. 

💙 Easy to use: Pampers wipes are made thick & wide and are soft & strong for best cleaning. 

💙Mild fragrance: Pampers baby wipes combo offer delightful & mild fragrance that is safe. 

💙 Dermatologically tested 

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