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When it comes down to the kitchen, appliances are an essential part of our home. The modern iterations can create a more visually appealing kitchen, enhance your at-home experience, and even make your life easier with this kitchen upgrade ideas to make your space more efficient. 
 Gaabor Touch Screen Air fryer - 5L

Gaabor's Official Store on Shopee has all the upgrades we need for our kitchen, starting with Gaabor Air Fryer. 

Its Touch Screen feature makes it easier to prepare my family's favorite food.

QUICK AND HEALTHY: Air fry fast and healthy food with 98% less oil than traditional fryers. With an adjustable temperature range of 80-200, you can air fry dishes to crispy perfection. Air fry pizzas, chicken, French fries, vegetables, and frozen foods in minutes for quick and easy meals. You can also reheat leftovers to return your dinner to its original crispness. 

EASY to CLEAN & OPERATE: The touch screen digital control panel is very convenient to use. You can start cooking with just a few touches. The non-stick basket makes it easy to clean after use. It is also equipped with a durable handle guard to prevent accidental detachment. 

GOOD FOR FAMILY USE: With a 5L capacity, you can cook for your whole family without worrying about messy oil splatters and fire hazards.

SLEEK DESIGN: Its modern, sleek design adds an elegant touch to your kitchen countertop


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