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The love we have for our baby has no boundaries, but so does our list of concerns and worries. After the initial exhilarating celebrations of becoming a parent, we then realize that even with all the joys, parenting is not easy, and one of the few concerns is taking care of baby skin. Baby’s skin is one of the last organs to be developed in the womb, and it takes years to mature, as it continues to develop for the first year. Baby skin is extremely sensitive and prone to all kinds of infections, rashes, and other skin conditions, like acne or eczema.

Struggle no more with your little one's sensitive skin, with Johnson & Johnson!  #JohnsonsGentleProtection 

Feel the smoothness of your child's skin and use the brand that's triple tested by pedias, dermas, and ophthas! #PoweredUpProtection

Johnson's Milk + Rice Bath

Johnson's Milk+Rice Lotion

Upgraded to be now creamier, with 100% more milk proteins plus rice extracts for 2x softer and smoother skin. #JohnsonsMilkPlusRice 

Johnson's CottonTouch Lotion

Designed to protect baby's sensitive skin from allergens and rashes and leaves no unwanted residue.

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