Fuss-Free Staples to Ease You Through Motherhood

Fuelled by the brand’s commitment to create thoughtful designs that cater to every stage of a woman’s life, Love, Bonito launches its newest Embrace collection. From routine medical checks to nesting errands, the refreshed maternity essentials are thoughtfully designed to bring every expecting mom through her journey in comfort and style. Look forward to ultra-soft and breathable fabrics to combat unexpected hot flushes due to changing hormone levels, maternity-specific details to accommodate belly growth as well as nursing friendly details for breastfeeding moms.


Zaynie Maternity Nursing Tencel Button Dress in Navy Blue


Between all the bodily changes and uncomfortable symptoms, the last thing any mom would want is for their clothing choices to contribute to the discomfort. The refreshed pieces from the updated Embrace collection are made from materials like soft Tencel, lightweight muslin, breathable linen and high-stretch knit, all of which feels gentle on the skin and are suited for both indoor and outdoor wear.


Moreover, Love, Bonito recognise that moms are constantly on the lookout for investment pieces as they might not want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes just for those few months. As such, the collection stars apparels with adaptable silhouettes and nursing-friendly details that increase the longevity of each item. 

Fariya Maternity Nursing Linen Elastic Dress in White

Take for example the Fariya Maternity Nursing Linen Elastic Dress, which features zippers on both sides for nursing access and is made of drapey linen fabric for breathability. 

 Teryn Maternity Nursing Muslin Elastic Top in Lavender

The Teryn Maternity Nursing Muslin Elastic Top also has flexible ruching to accommodate body growth and thick shoulder straps to hide nursing bras.

Karina Maternity Nursing Linen Cotton Top in Dusty Yellow and Bernina Maternity Denim Elastic Shorts in White


They have also brought back our soft, high-stretch denim in the form of the Bernina Maternity Denim Elastic Shorts, perfect for quick errands. It features an elasticated waistband with an inner fastening that allows for easy bandwidth adjustment at every stage of one’s pregnancy.

You can also look forward to smocked bodices, side slits, puff sleeves, and other chic details to elevate your everyday looks during this beautiful season of life. 


Love, Bonito’s Embrace collection is available online from 11 May 2022 at https://www.lovebonito.com/intl.


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