Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ is your New Bigating Champion!

With the risks of stronger germs, Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ helps boost skin immunity with regular use and provides bigating germ kill action (based on lab test).


Manila, Philippines - As people go out more often, one may be exposed to different germs that may affect one’s health. Thus, proper hygiene is essential in maintaining health and well-being. For one, taking a bath not only cleanses the body but also promotes healthy skin and fights against germs.


Lifebuoy, a trusted name in hygiene and germ protection, is proud to introduce Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+, their new and improved range of bar soap, body wash, and hand wash  formulated to become every Filipino family's bigating champion against germs, even stronger germs. With regular use, it helps boost skin immunity with its multivitamin formula including Vitamins B3, C, and E for bigating germ kill action (based on lab test), all at an affordable price.


“Using ordinary soap may no longer be enough to help protect yourself against today’s evolving germs,” said Lifebuoy Brand Manager Anthony Chiang. “Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ is your bigatin  champion that not only helps you stay clean and fresh, but helps to enhance your skin immunity and helps to protect it from germs.” 


Lifebuoy aims to help families experience their new bigatin champion against germs. Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ 100g Antibacterial Soap bars is now available in supermarkets nationwide at SRP Php 42 for singles and Php 108.35 for triple packs. For more information, visit Lifebuoy’s official Facebook Page.

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