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I've been doing a lot of short weekend getaways lately. Recently, I headed to Singapore for an overnight trip. 

My skin gets dehydrated easily and during flights are one of the best times for me to relax and give my skin an extra TLC while I read a book, watch a movie or just sleep. 

For this reason, I have two things that I always bring with me when I travel, no matter how near or how far, facial masks and a facial mist

The night before my flight to Singapore, I attended the #DermairisPH launch. It was the perfect timing as we were given their products to try. 

Here's what happened to the Dermairis Launch:

Glenda Arceno, JWHP’s General Manager, welcomed us with a brief introduction of JWHP and JW Group.
JWHP General Manager Ms. Glenda Arceno (3rd from left) Dr. Crystal Roxas (middle) and Dermairis face Mica Tuballa with special guests at the launch event. 

According to Arceno, JW has presence in more than 45 countries. Its headquarters is located in the Gangnam area of Seoul, South Korea. The holding company controls several business groups, manufacturing facilities, and research centers, one of which is JW CreaGene, the developer of Dermairis.

Offering direct sales and marketing of JW products, JWHP has been in the country since August 2013. Dermairis, which follows a line of successful medical products such as pharmaceuticals, IV infusions, and antibiotics, marks JWHP’s expansion into the cosmeceutical space--and more innovative products are set to come.

“JW Group’s founding spirit is anchored in our respect for life. This is what motivates us in dealing with our patients and in dealing with our customers,” Arceno said.

Arceno’s declaration echoes the earlier statement of Jinam Oh, Finance Head of JWHP: “JW Group, with its founding principle of Respect of Life, strives to supply high-quality healthcare and cosmeceutical products to patients and consumers globally.”

This commitment to beauty backed by science was evident at the launch party, where JWHP invited the glamorous dermatologist Dr. Crystal Roxas to talk about the importance of skincare.

“The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is the organ that is exposed to the external world,” Dr. Roxas said. “The skin reflects the general mental and physical well-being. It’s a sacrificial organ because when you’re stressed, the first sign is seen on your skin.”

She recommended the basic routine of regular cleansing, exfoliation, toning, moisturizing, and protection, and taught us how to perform each step properly.

Check out this promotional video from #DermairisPH Facebook Page. 

There are currently two variants of the Dermairis mask
Blue- (SRP:Php70) consists of air pockets that contains nutrients
Pink- (SRP:Php150) uses soft microfiber that is finer than a hair strand. 

I tried the blue variant on my way to Singapore, and the pink one on my way back to Manila. 

I like how the after the effect of the mask leaves my skin moisturized and soft. At the end of my mask routine on my flight, I just sprayed my face with some facial mist to seal the moisture in, let all the surface moisture completely get absorbed then put on sunblock. It gave me that extra dewy look like your favorite Korean celebrity.

What I love about Dermairis face masks is that it  offers four skin benefits
1. Moisturizing
2. Anti-wrinkle
3. Elasticity
4. Whitening

It uses 10 main ingredients, including JW's two proprietary technologies. 

1. The patented JW-EGF (CTP-EGF) that penetrates the skin 5x faster than the other EGF, making the Dermairis Mask more efficient than other masks. 
2. Meanwhile, AMF is not destroyed by time and blocks moisture evaporation for 120 hours. It therefore works more effectively than NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) found in other face masks, which reduces skin moisture retention. 
3. Hyaluronic acid- to attract and retain a large amount of water. 
4. Ceramide- which helps hold cells together, leaving you with plump and dewy skin.
5. Adenosine- more restoring and nourishing ingredients.  
6. Acetyl Tetrapeptide- boost cell growth and fight visible signs of aging. 
7. Astaxanthin- an anti-aging antioxidant. 
8. Snail secretion filtrate- another collagen and elastin-building ingredient. 
9. Botanical extracts- to improve skin texture
10. Niacinamide- to bring clearer and brighter complexion, evens out skin tone, and fights pigmentation. 

Hydrated and young-looking skin is now just a face mask away! 

Brand Ambassador Mica Tuballa
Try Dermairis face masks now. Available at leading beauty and wellness counters, drugstores, and skin clinics nationwide. 

For more information and for more tips on how to take care of your skin, follow
@dermairisph on Facebook and Instagram

Happy masking beautiful! 

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