My #PampangasBest Sweet Taste Of Success Story

I have always been business-minded. You’ve seen me in bazaars, I’ve had my own garage sale a few times, and I have been part of the #PampangasBest #SweetTasteOfSuccess challenge. Getting exposed to different products and brands just made me a fussier blogger and, more importantly, a more meticulous mom.

Before, I just used to think of the extra income I would earn in selling different items, particularly when I do my own garage sale. Surprisingly, it has already become a passion for me, being an ambassador of the brands I personally use. Yes, that’s one of the most important factor I always take into consideration – I will not sell something that I don’t use or haven’t tried yet. It adds up to the convincing power when we talk about sales.

Here are some other tips I’d like to share to you should you decide to venture in #PampangasBest #HomeNegosyo like what I did.
Budget is not an issue. For as low as Php5000 initial purchase of assorted products, you can already be a dealer of Pampanga’s Best products. Honestly, I found it easy starting up this business. Aside from setting it up effortlessly at home, I was able to dispose my first set of products in just a couple of days! So, a cash out of P5000 wouldn’t really hurt. You don’t need to look and pay for another location to put it up, you only need the capital for the actual goods you’re going to sell.

Have the courage to ask. Food, especially when it’s the best tocino in town, is pretty easy to sell. But, you have to take some risks with your marketing strategy. I have sent numerous messages and offered it to so many relatives and friends. You will never know if they’re interested if you don’t start asking. Customers usually base their decision, whether to buy or not, on how they feel about the commodity. Get them excited and connected to you. I have used social media as platform to jumpstart my Pampanga’s Best business. It’s free anyway. ;-)

Know your product to know your target market. I always recommend from my own experience, so there’s always sincerity and truth when I start offering my product to the potential buyer. Knowing your product details is not simply memorizing the label and all the ingredients. With your own experience of the product, you will be able to identify your market and actually relate to them. Well, I’m not the only one who loves Pampanga’s Best. My kids also love a variety of Pampanga’s Best.
Shoutout to Chick’N Pops as perfect baon. When you get the chance to share something about what you sell, you will end up telling your story instead of reading from the flyer.

I can say that my overall experience in this sweet taste of success challenge was very exciting. Just being able to take care of my business while doing what I’ve already been doing was a great help for me. Even when I’m busy, I can still make some sales using my phone, while on my way to work or going back home. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult. However, with hardwork and a little squeezing in with how much available time we have left as moms, we can be successful. I’m glad to be part of the growing Pampanga’s Best dealers!

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  1. I used to try sale shoes (well it is not related with food) but anyway it mean I used to try to sell one thing as business. I admit that your advises is right and usful

  2. Wow that's nice to hear. Perfect pang business for everybody lalo na sa mga mommies...

  3. yay ngtitinda kmi nyan Ms. Rochelle pero hango lang. nkaka 5 kilos pampangga tocino kami everyday.may dealer kya malapit samin? hm po kuha nyo?

  4. Salamat po sa pag share ng story ms rochelle ... Pg nkapag ipon kmi ni partner gusto nmin ng benta ng ganito ksi kahit nsa bahay lng my income na papasok at naalagaan ko pa ung anak nmin😊

  5. nakakatuwa ka Ms Rochelle napaka sipag mo talaga. kaya naman successful ka kasi may action lahat ng mga dreams mo. Congrats po sa success in life. nakaka inspire ka po.


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