Holiday Care Tips for Kids

Christmas is in the air. The weather’s getting colder and the atmosphere’s merrier. Kids cannot wait to open all the gifts under the tree, eat delicious holiday food, and receive goodies from all the Christmas parties. 

However, the season also leaves children vulnerable to cough, colds, and fever. During this time, people tend to remain indoors, staying in close proximity with each other. This makes it easy for viruses to spread. And we all know that getting sick in the merriest time of the year isn’t fun for any kid.
Make sure that your child celebrates Christmas in great health with these tips:
  1. Dress them in warm and comfortable clothing. As you go out for Simbang Gabi or a party, protect your kids from the cold with a jacket or sweater.
  2. Make them get enough sleep. With all the activities happening, your children will spend a lot of energy. Encourage them to sleep early so that their bodies can recover well for the next day.
  3. Pay attention to their diet. Desserts and fatty food are popular during Christmas, but don’t go overboard. Keep your children’s meals healthy, and make sure that they are well hydrated.
  4. Have the right medicine readily available at home. Be ready to fight off possible pain and fever common during this season with proper medication. The World Health Organization recommends paracetamol—the active ingredient in Calpol— as the first line of treatment. It is effective and gentle on young tummies, so it can be administered to children from 2 months old onward.
  5. If your child is sick, give proper dosage of medicine. Make sure that you are giving them the right amount at the right time. 

When caring for a sick child, trust only doctor-recommended medication such as Calpol. For more useful child care resources and for more information about Calpol, visit
Use as directed. Always read the label. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact your local healthcare professional.


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