Family Resolutions for 2018

Time is flying by so fast. Sometimes, I feel like I’m missing a lot of my kids’ milestones and achievements because I have been so busy. This year, I’m going to make sure I make the most of my time with my family more this year. We have a lot of plans and they can be summed up to these 9 Family Resolutions for 2018.

1. Start a weekly ritual.
It could be a weekend picnic or attending Sunday service. A movie night every Friday or simply having breakfast and dinner together would be great, too. Yes, we have already been doing this since I don’t know when - that’s one thing. Doing it with consistency would be another.

2. Practice hello’s and goodbye’s
Due to stress or busy times, there are instances when we forget to check on how everyone’s doing. Please, don’t let a day pass by, no matter how hectic your schedule is, without saying “hello” or “goodbye”. Smile a lot. Kiss and hug your children and spouse. Make it a habit, and you’ll have the best days. We will work on this moving forward.

3. Put down devices.
In the family, kids and adults alike need to learn to control the use of gadgets, especially when at home. Spending more time together means being there physically, mentally and emotionally. We plan to put our devices down and create more memories doing fruitful and enjoyable activities.

4. Go on vacation.
We had a few trips together last year – domestic and international, although I traveled alone more than with the entire Ohana. This year, we intend to plan early and save more for our vacation. In fact, we are already planning to go to Bohol and travel more as a family out of the country. I’m already excited!

5. Read together.
When my kids were still little, we always had time reading stories every night. I used to really find time to read to them, especially when they were just starting in school. Later on, I let them do the reading since they already know how to. The past years taught me not to let this kinds of moments go because, sooner, they’ll be demanding for privacy, and they will have activities of their own. Not that they will drift apart as they grow old, but reality teaches us that we only have limited time to spend with them while they’re young. So, this has to be part of my bucket list gain.

6. Do chores.
I want to be more hands-on in our home again and really be involved in household chores, and do it with the fambam. A lot of opportunities opened for me last year and there are quite some challenges, too. I’m soooo thankful. On top of that, I felt like I need to work on time management so as not to neglect my duties as mom and wife to my dearest family. So yeah, I’m planning to make more time in homemaking this 2018.

7. Learn how to save money.
Apart from saving for leisure (a.k.a. our trips this year) and spending on material things, I realized I have to learn to manage our finances more for the future. I have been checking on opportunities to engage in financial literacy programs. If you know someone or someplace, feel free to comment here or message me. We want to enrich my knowledge on how to better invest and save our money.

8. Celebrate milestones and achievements.
It means a lot to our kids that we’re always there for them, not only when they need help but also during times of triumph to celebrate with them. Aside from it boosts their confidence more, they will always treasure and use these moments as their strength as they grow up. I know because my family and friends have always been supportive of my milestones and achievements, too. This 2018, we will celebrate and savor every moment, high and low, as a family.

9. Exercise together.
To be physically fit is not just my goal, but the entire family’s aim this year and moving forward. We can play basketball, boxing, or simply conduct other forms of physical activity at home. We also plan to join in fun runs together. 

Of course, I will continue to use Downy Antibac on our clothes to avoid bacteria build-up and malodor. Bacteria, which grow on clothes when we sweat, can cause a lot of diseases, so I want to make sure that we, especially my kids are protected. We wanted to make sure everyone is healthy and in shape to avoid getting sick and to not miss out important events.

How about you? Have you thought of your Family Resolutions for 2018 yet? So much is in store for us and nothing beats achieving your goals when you’re able to reach with your loved ones. Happy 2018! Cheers!

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