9 reasons why you should have your own Hanns Storage Rack

Everything and everyone has a place in this world. So no, that microwave oven shouldn’t be placed on the dining table. And those shoes, they need to have a tidy spot in your room. Just think about it, we often place our stuff on just about anywhere we want to, and it’s making our home look messy and chaotic to the point that even our thoughts become all messed up.

The simple solution to make your space more breathable and neat looking is this ergonomic Storage Rack from Hanns
Here are some reasons why you should have one (or more) for your home now.

1.) Quick and Easy to Assemble
You don’t have to be an engineer or a handyman to build it. In just a few easy steps, your new Hanns storage rack is ready to use.
2.) Uniquely Stylish
Its Dark Mahogany Brown Powder Coated Color can add some stylish vibe and aesthetic appeal in your space. It’s very modern looking and fits in just about any interior design.
3.) Heavy duty
Its components are all made of steel, making it sturdy and reliable to carry even some of the heavy items and appliances you have at home.
4.) Adjustable
It’s also equipped with levelers, so you can easily adjust the racks in any way you like. It can store things that are out of reach of small children or stack snacks that are easily accessible to them.
5.) Smart size
It’s small in size yet it can store a lot, enabling you to maximize the space you have no matter how small it may be.

6.) Perfect place to display
Display your favorite collectibles and conversation starters. Whether you choose to exhibit art books or souvenirs from your travels, trophies, you and your guests will find something to talk about. 

7.) Solution for your storage problem
You'll do your best work with all your materials neatly arranged and in plain view. 

8.) Dual-Purpose Room Divider
Let your Hanns storage rack multitask by holding neatly stacked plates, glasses, and serving pieces while creating a divider between kitchen and dining room. 

9.) It's inexpensive
New cabinets can be expensive. Hanns storage rack is budget-friendly option. 

Visit HannsPh on Facebook for information on how to order own Hanns Storage Rack!

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  1. Grabe! ang ganda madam... dapat maganda rin yun bahay para babagay siya. hahaha 😅😅

  2. Tama po kayo madam,it really a big help para ma organize yung mga gamit...��

  3. Tama po kayo madam, big help po talaga sya para maging organize yung mga gamit sa bahay.��

  4. Oo nga pla 😉 andaming pwdeng pag gamitan sa house, marami mailalagay para bawas space😚

  5. Thanks for sharing the reasons why we should really have one or more storage. Indeed organizing is a must! To think of it, that rack is not quite expensive.

  6. Para sa mga small spaces na bahay tulad namin pwedeng pwede ito. 💜

  7. Looks useful madam. I should try this sa apartment namin na medyo maliit para maging organize yung gamit.

  8. Eunice Lalaine E. ReyesFebruary 28, 2018 at 4:08 PM

    Love it. Great way to organize and keep our things.


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