How To Make Your Work Life Happier

Most of us have heard the idea about work life balance. It is said that this could lead to a happier life once we know how to handle this aspect of our lives. But, are we really happy once we get to balance everything? Or it could be because happiness is a choice. Once we choose to be happy, beautiful things will come our way and could balance everything out.

While most of us spend so much of our time working on our tasks, projects, home chores, family events, socialization, we tend to neglect the most important accomplishment that we should focus on - ourselves. 

 The pressures of everyday life are really exhausting. We juggle from one task to another, submitting deadlines, accomplishing our long list of things to do. We are busy of the career we chose, making it the biggest part of our lives. But at the end of the day, we know there is something still missing even if we have done so much.

There are so many things to consider in order for us to be truly happy. Sometimes we need other people to help us figure out what could be the missing piece. We may truly be happy once we know where to get started and some possible options to take a look at.

Being a busy person myself, I consider time to be very important. I see to it that I plan how my day will go well. Making a list of things to do and planning how to accomplish it one at a time. It is easier said than done but once we started to put it into practice, we could accomplish some of our unexpected goals. Here are the things I have gathered from family, peers and colleagues so we can achieve a happier work life.
1.     Do something that scares you
There are a lot of things that intimidates, frustrates and scares us. Anxiety is one of the biggest factors why we tend to hang and delay things. We tend to be afraid of the things that we don’t see or that’s not even there. We don’t want to be surprised on the things that could hurt us that is why we need to see it firsthand. What we could do it so to prepare for it. Thinking of the worst thing that could happen might not be a good move but this could make us prepare for the worst possible scenario making us solve a potential problem.
2.     Get Healthy
Our body is our greatest instrument that we ever own. Let us not exploit nor destroy it. In order for us to accomplish our everyday tasks, we have to be physically fit and well. We cannot function what we ought to be doing if our body cannot do its purpose. A healthy lifestyle could provide us endurance and vigor in accomplishing more tasks leading to a productive life.

3.     We are what we think
Let’s start our day on thinking positive things that happened to us. This could channel all the positive energies so it can create a positive mindset. Our thoughts define us and could lead to something we don’t intend to create. Positivity is the way to go. It will not just help us lead to a positive life but will also provide a healthier body. Thus, keeping us from worst cases such as depression and stress.
4.     Set your work schedule
Since our time is very important, let’s be clear on our work schedule and strictly following it. We have to list our priorities and accomplish it on a given time frame so we can do other small and relaxing things after work schedule. We did not just finish our work on a scheduled time frame but we also calm our mind and body.  

5.     Draw some line for your socialization and family events
Don’t push yourself too hard. Sometimes we commit ourselves on the things that are not part of our plan. But because we want to please other people, we tend to sacrifice our own goals. When we commit ourselves on helping our colleagues on their overload work, we may forget that we have a scheduled dinner with our partner. This could cause us our relationship because we were not able to remember our plans. Before we start our day, it is best that we set our plans and share it with our family and friends so they will understand the things we need to do and help us remember it.

6.     Don’t forget to feed your senses – travel!
Exploring and going out of your comfort zone teaches us responsibility and adaptability. We learn new cultures and adapting some of it to makes our lives easier. When we see other people on how they approach and solve problems, we will have an idea on how to solve our own.

Going to different places creates different perspectives in our mind. We experience the beautiful things more than we could imagine making us more open for possibilities and giving us positive outlook in our lives.  

7.     Choose the career you want to pursue           
We may not realize it at first but our career greatly contributes in our lives. Whatever line of work we choose; this will be part of daily struggles, sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. It is important that we seek counseling to our career coach on where and what to pursue. Through their guidance, we may have possibilities and options where to get started. There are different online platforms where we could start checking for options. There's actually a new job platform called Jobayan that matches the employer and jobseeker. We could also start a new career if we thing our present job don’t suffice or don blend with our daily plans. At the end of the day, it is us who live our lives. Let us not allow negative things, people, and events to control us. We may not get all the best in this life but atleast we tried to better of whoever we are. Live a sweet life!

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  1. Eunice Lalaine E. ReyesMarch 1, 2018 at 2:05 PM

    Loving this post so much. Let us always do what makes us happy.

  2. Agree! Let's all live a sweet life and always choose Happiness! Sabi nga ni Princess Poppy "Happiness isn’t something you put inside, it’s already there. It's inside all of us! Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it."

  3. we are what we think salamt Ms Rochelle, uulit ulitin ko eto pagbasa dahil nakakainspire pwera sa travel sana soon din:)

  4. Indeed you are a positive influencer that's why, I am always inspired reading your blog. Despite your busy lifestyle, I can really see and feel the happy aura of your life. What a beautiful views of life you always shared to your readers. Thanks to you!

  5. I love this article Momny Rochelle, it makes me want to try the things that I haven't done before. It makes me love my life more.

  6. Loving This Blog Ms. rochelle, frankly Im Not A Reader because Of everyday Im Busy PrepRing for my Lil One but SInce im Always Seeing Your Blogs (THANks To my sister Maj) She Introduce me....

    Thank You Coz Lately, makes me Realize Of Something Important And Makes Me Read More of Your Blog..
    Thanks po Your An inspiration with me Ms. Rochelle... Looking Forward for More Blogs from You

  7. What a nice perspective in life. I myself is afraid sometimes, of doing things out of my comfort zone.. These tips are great and ive learned a lot how to live a sweet life! Kudos! ��

  8. Wow relate much po aq dto s blog nio at I love it po, gsto ko gwin ang mgwork ulit at mgtravel, kso maliit pa ang baby ko. Pg lumaki xa hopefully mkabalik aq s work ko, pareho pla tau Ms. Rochelle, nurse at sna mgmit ko ang work ko at mkpwgwrk s dream country ko un nga lng kapos s financial but I'm always postive s life, mangyayari din un in God perfect time.

  9. enjoyed reading this Ms Rochelle, na curious talaga ako dito after kong makita post nato sa FB page nyo po kasi sabi ko babasahin ko to sa free time ko sa work hehhe. thanks for always inspiring us with all your ideas na talagang nakaka inspire. Coz ako as a single mom my life talaga eh naka focus sa work at sa son ko. after reading this blog of yours I realize na marami rin palang di ko nagagawa hehhe. I should try manage my time properly para ma achieve ko rin mga other goals ko in life. Thanks for po. :)

  10. Thank you for giving some tips of work life ms rochelle... for me it's very difficult to handle stress when it comes to work andyan yung pressure, stress & depression but then you need to think positively or do some things na malilibang ka go with the flow lng s buhay... 😊👌 #La vie est belle ~♥~

  11. When I'm stress because of everyday pressures of life I just planning to travel and keeps my mind off things that can stress me out. Thank you miss Rochelle for sharing this, now finding a Job is easier with the help of Jobayan. I'm enjoying reading your blog God bless! 😘

  12. I agree especially 1 & 5. For me, a happy life starts with a happy family. ^_^

  13. That's so sweet ms rochelle, be positive in life, and I'll check Jobayan 💜💜💜
    Arigatou 😘

  14. Para sa tulad ko na sa call center nagwowork, as in travel lang talaga masaya na kami. Wala kasi chance makapag exercise kasi pagod na sa work, nakaka stress yung mga tawag so kapag nakapag travel talaga sinusulit namin. :)

  15. Absolutely agree with you, mostly is Health! When you have health you can do anything. When you lose it, you can not do anything


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