Protect our children #makeITsafePH

The seemingly unending battle against child pornography has been the perennial problem worldwide. Everything posted online may be considered for public viewing. Once we have decided to share our information, it can now be seen by whomever whose interest is about children exploitation.   

It is now the duty of parents whether to share their family’s whereabouts or activities especially their children. They could somehow screen photos and contents because we wouldn’t know if predators are around to check on our children.

As a mother of three, I’ve been very particular of the content I share online especially details about my children. One could never tell whether some people’s intentions are to get information on our children or wait for an opportunity to take advantage of them. That’s why I always keep in mind to review information before I post them.   

Educating Ourselves
Some of us especially parents are not informed on the status of our country with regard to child pornography. We have been very busy on our daily lives to provide for our children so we cannot check them out the whole time. They are exposed in an environment where they experience and see many things which we cannot screen and explain for them. This will lead them to inappropriate materials not applicable for their age. We should make time to guide them about the limitations and give them an idea on what they could see online. We must also challenge ourselves to be more patient and get information so we know how to face problems that may arise.

Getting help

#MakeITSafePH is a public service education campaign that enlightens and informs the public on the safety of sharing personal information or illegal content. There are educational materials on phishing, identity theft, child pornography, etc. Getting to know about campaigns and activities on child pornography are good steps where parents would know where they could get started. It is vital that people would know that there are organizations and government institutions that focus on these campaigns and where they could get the help needed. 


According to the Philippine National Police (PNP) report on October 2017, there are rising number of cases and incidents online with regard to sex exploitation of minors. The PNP has arrested two men who had been using their social media accounts to get their foreign clients to engage in cybersex with children aged 8-15 years old in exchange for money at around P20,000-30,000.

According to Unicef, "In the Philippines, the risks to children are high, with the country being the number 1 global source of child pornography and a hub for the live stream abuse trade." This alarming news is devastating in terms of our country’s data wherein parents should take into consideration because we don’t know if this will happen in our doorstep or just around the corner.

Awareness is very important nowadays and our government has laws to protect the children. It had enacted the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. In 2014, the Cybercrime Law took effect where general punishable acts are considered as cybercrime if done using the computer or the internet.    

Child pornography must be stopped. We should remember that we, parents, should be the first to protect our children. Let us help our community in providing options and information thru the combined efforts our government and different organizations and be able raise awareness in this endeavor.

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  1. Kaya I don't share photos of my kids always. Pinipili ko nalang ang mga bagay na dapat for my kids. I wish sana nalaman ko ito before, ni-isang photo hindi siguro ako magpopost for their privacy.

  2. I just caught my student reading a porn online novel. I didn't know those kind of ebooks until I caught them and the words are not suitable for them. It's very burglar for teenager.

  3. Eunice Lalaine E. ReyesFebruary 27, 2018 at 9:25 PM

    Thank you for raising such awareness.


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