THIS JUST IN: #HANGINfection is here!

Did you know that germs can touch you, even if you don't touch them?
We all know that germs can be passed through person-to-person contact or touching dirty objects. What many of us don't know is that germs live in the air, too. If you believe that not touching anything or anyone can keep germs at bay, you better think again.

#HANGINfection, technically known as Bioaerosols, refers to airborne germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses that may cause skin reactions and respiratory sickness. Bioaerosols can come from a variety of sources, including soil, organic debris, humidifiers, air conditioners, and even farming and industrial pollution. The human body is also a source of bioaerosols: Shed human skin, coughing and sneezing can all contribute to airborne germs. These can make you sick in unexpected ways. For example, when you sneeze, most of the germs are transmitted at close range, but you need not be close to fall sick, as the smallest particles stay airborne and can travel as far as 20 meters.” says Dr. Pierangeli Vital, Ph.D. Biology (Microbioliogy), University of the Philippines Diliman.

Good thing, Safeguard, Philippine's Number 1 Family Skin Germ Protection Soap, partners with Pambansang Bae Alden Richards to spread the word about #HANGINfection and how to fight it. 

The fun part? They didn’t just make it informative. They also made it fun and nostalgic!
The "I Wash It That Way" music video gives a Backstreet Boys hit song a fresh spin to uncover the truth behind #HANGINfection. As told in the music video, #HANGINfection can reach us, including our children, even if we’re not touching anything or anyone. In short, we don’t just touch germs. They touch us, too!
“We know airborne germs are present in outdoor and indoor locations, and only Safeguard provides long lasting protection versus other soaps in the market,” says Ronaldo Puno, President of The Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, Inc. (PAMET).
For more than 50 years now, Safeguard has been providing Filipinos their first line of defense against germs, inhibiting the growth of disease-causing germs up to 24 hours after washing.
Join Alden and Safeguard in spreading awareness about #HANGINfection! Watch and share the "I Wash It That Way" music video on Safeguard’s Facebook and YouTube.  Do your share as it matters in the fight against airborne germs. As Alden stresses in the jingle, basta HANGINfection, Safeguard ang protection.
Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720g (PhP 219), 400g (PhP 145) and 200g (PhP 85)
Safeguard Pure White Bar Soap is available in 90g (P 25.75), 135g (P 38), and 180g (P 48.00)
Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap is available in 225ml (P 80.00)

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  1. Yass to Safeguard! Yes to S-T-E-P and #WashITThatWay 💗 cutiepie ng bebes

  2. Yes perfect po talaga ang Safeguard for our family and kids iwas germs and protected pa ang pamilya. I love your blog po!

  3. I love using Safeguard "noon at magpahanggang Ngayon"!.. Kasi sulit sa budget na Safe talaga ang huong family to protect from air pollution at sa kahit anung sakit po.. 101% Proven and tested napo namin..☺😘

  4. Joined Ms. Rochelle..hoping to win you and god bless po

  5. Ito talaga gamit namen ever since na lumaki kame Until now.

  6. Safeguard user since birth at hindi ko ipagpapalit ang safeguard. Laking safeguard ako at magiging laking safeguard din ang little girl ko. Wala ng hihigit pa kay safeguard. Siya lang ang number one germicidal soap sa buhay ko! Arigatou gozaimasu Miss Rochelle! Ki wo tsukete!

  7. nice campaign..we need awareness again since uso ang airborne disease s

  8. Backstreet Boys ang peg! Nakakaaliw naman ang mga bata! ^_^
    Kahit nung maliit pa ako hanggang nagka-anak na ako, safeguard pa rin gamit ko. Tiwala ako eh
    Recommended din ng Doctor ang Safeguard!

  9. Safeguard User Here!!
    Gogogogo!! Mga Bagets ������

  10. Yes I truly believe Pagdating sa pagpuksa aa germs, only Safeguard has 100% powers to kill these germs. I trust Safeguard products for my family. Thank you Safeguard quality products and thank you Ms Rochelle for sharing this kalinisan campaign and for letting us know more about this product.


  11. Our family really #IWashItThatWay with Safeguard. It is our protection to fight germs and #HANGinfection.
    I want my family to be in the pink of health all the time. Keeping a germ-free body and hands is possible by using Safeguard and I promise to keep a stash of it. If we have healthy and germ-free body and hands then we will not get sick, thus will result in performing well in the office, at school, and a secret in keeping a healthy and happy home.

  12. As a mom, I am always in the quest of fighting germs and infections. Good thing that I have my best buddy to shoo it all and protect us all the way because we #IWashItThatWay with Safeguard. I believe that healthy hands and body can lead to a great future because a clean hands and body is an indication of a healthy lifestyle and good health - that means we can excel in everything we do because we are healthy. So, we promise to always wash our hands and body properly and spread the awareness of the benefits of washing body and hands with Safeguard because it will keep us healthy, happy, and productive all the time.

  13. Thanks for sharing this miss rochelle☺️ from now and then safeguard is the only trusted brand when it comes in fighting germs and bacteria that cause diseases.

  14. let's beat infection by using safeguard everday! 😊😊😊

  15. Super love this campaign music video of Safeguard Philippines . Sobrang relate kase ako and very informative :) I love the tune, i love alden, and of course safeguard soap ang gamit namin sa bahay. Yeah, me too!!! #IWashItThatWay :)

  16. I am sing that brand ang kinda pleasant about it!


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