Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates are #AlwaysAGoodChoice at Pancake House

Who loves chicken? 🙋🙌🙋‍♂️

For four decades, Pancake House has been serving tried and tested recipes which has captured our taste buds and keep us wanting more. Though Pancake House is well known for the homey goodness of its classic pancake, generations have also come to enjoy its other great classic comfort food. 

Pancake House highly recognizes our whopping appetite for chicken, thus, bringing in Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates now made more affordable.  It aspires to put on the table only the best, evident in every bite of Classic Pan Chicken.  The homemade gravy brings extra kick to its already juicy flavor.  Pancake House’ very own tender and crispy classic chicken goes well with everything.  It perfectly blends with the other signature dishes of Pancake House.  

Satisfy your cravings whether in the morning, at lunch, dinner or anytime in between with one of Pancake House's classic Pan Chicken 6 delectable pairings starting at P185.00

You'll fall in love with all these hearty meals.

Pan Chicken with Spaghetti, Garlic Bread 
and Iced Tea
Pan Chicken with Best Taco in Town, Rice 
and Iced Tea
Pan Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle 
and Iced Tea

"I love the sweet and savory combination" 

Pan Chicken with 2 pcs. Classic Pancakes
 and Iced Tea
Pan Chicken with French Fries, Rice 
and Iced Tea
Pan Chicken with Mashed Potato, Rice 
and Iced Tea

Visit any Pancake House stores today and bite in to the goodness of the classics! Available until August 31 only so hurry and try it now! 

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  1. yummy! can't wait to bring my kids at Pancake House

  2. Naalala ko to nuon college days waffle at spag nila talaga the best.


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