SANICARE PLAY DAY: One Less Worry Mommy!

The only job that is known to be a never-ending job is being a mother. Day and night, you are always on duty, and you must constantly be on your guard, making sure that everything inside your home is in order and safe. Every mom would agree with me on this, that being a mother is both stressful but fulfilling, exhausting yet rewarding, especially when you can see that you are doing well with it. It’s good to know that mothers have partners that help them with their daily tasks. 
Sanicare is a Filipino owned and operated company, that makes sure that mothers get the help they need to get through every day’s hustle. Last June 30, 2018, Sanicare had their Play Day for Moms and Kids of all Age and Life Stage, held at the Axon in Green Sun Hotel. 
The event is not only a showcase of the company’s passion in helping mothers with their daily tasks, they also made sure that we’ll have a great time with our kids as well as bond with other Mommies together with their own kiddos. I was able to enjoy the event with my youngest, Elijah, by exploring Sanicare’s prepared activities.

The event has different booths that depicts every stage that a mom goes through. One, is a booth that is specifically for babies, it has floor mats and plushies and they gave us hand painted souvenirs to take home. The second booth is for toddlers where they can run, jump and climb on obstacles prepared for them. 

Elijah also enjoyed designing his own eco bag and playing in the sand box. 
Another booth is for kids who are willing to showcase their hidden talents, they had the chance to show off their art skills by creating their own cotton bud animals, paper towel headband stands and cotton ball sushi.

I did not hesitate to let my Elijah try every activity he wants to participate in, I know that Sanicare made sure that everything they arranged will help me worry less, just like how they prepared their own products. We can depend on Sanicare’s products, for every task we may encounter, from the unscented wipes for sensitive skin to disposable toilet seat cover that is very convenient for travelling. Not only that their product is undeniably high in quality, but Sanicare also assure their consumers like us that chemicals in their product is a “no-no!” and highly intolerable. So, we Mommies, can worry less when it comes to our family’s health and safety. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be safe, right?

The kids are not the only ones who enjoyed the event. Moms like me were also able to appreciate fun activities and tip-sharing with Mrs. Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Sanicare’s brand ambassador

We also got the chance to try out their new product that was launched earlier this year, the lavender scented wipes, which I personally loved, it’s not only hypoallergenic, it also has that relaxing lavender scent that everyone will love. Besides, it’s in a violet packaging! And if you know me, you’ll also know that I’m deeply in love with violet! I’ll surely include it on my kids’ sanitary kit so that my worries will be lessened. 
Sanicare has always been there for everyone as their hygiene companion and I’m sure that Sanicare will continue to work on their passion in providing products that will help lessen every mother’s worries and help them get through the daily grind of their day. 

This event is truly an eye-opener and a true enjoyable activity for me and my son, Elijah! Thank you Sanicare for inviting us! We wouldn’t miss it for the world!

For further info on how Sanicare can give you one less worry, you can check out the Sanicare Facebook page on this link:

Also, check out all links below for more photos, videos and information regarding Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.:

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  1. Thanks po sa post..sanicare gives us the idea how to bond with our children...khit sobrang hirap mgplki ng anak at the end msya at msrap ang feeling na mkita sila na masaya at ngeenjoy...natututo tayo na magappreciate ng mga bagay bagay maliit man o malki gya ng ating mga anak mdli cla xmpre lgi ipaaala sa kanila ang kalinisan sa katawan upang makaiwas sa mga sakit..Godbless and more power

  2. I love this brand. I'm using their cotton buds! :)

  3. Wow sana soon matry ko rin ang sanicare. I like lavender favorite color ko yan, yan ung motip ko nung kinasal ako.Super blessed po ng mga anak mo Mam Rochelle dahil meron silang mama na gagawin ang lahat para maging safe lang sila.thanks Mam Rochelle.

  4. Done reading ❤
    Sanicare one of the most trusted brand ❤ thanks for this Ms. Rochelle �� now I know that Sanicare is a local brand ������ clap for this ������ tangkilikin ang sariling atin ��

  5. This event is very helpful to other children,to improve their skills,and to a mother like me😉😊

  6. Sanicare din ginagamit sa wipes ni baby. Ang ganda ng event po dyan Ms Rochelle lalo sa kids yung mga activities


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