My Breastfeeding Journey!

At a young age, I was already face-to-face with motherhood itself. And being ignorant to the real world doesn’t really help when it comes to taking care of your baby. I was oblivious to which path I’ll take in order to be a good parent to my son. I hardly seek for help because I was scared of bothering people around me. I don’t want to be judged by someone who doesn’t even know my real story. With this mentality, I only ask my mom and lola for guidance and support throughout maternity. To tell you the truth, at first, I was a little concern about one thing. And that is breastfeeding. My family make it a point that I breastfeed my baby, not only for its benefits but also for the bond between me and my child. And I was somehow unsure of the thought. Formula milk keeps on popping on my head because even the slightest idea of breastfeeding makes me feel awkward. For me, it was something inconvenient and quite taboo. But that didn’t stop me, I believe that I must do this for my little angel because I have to give what’s best for him.

We were back in the States and I was only 19 when I had my first son, Nikolas. Being a first-time mom at that age is not easy. I must cope up with a lot of changes in my life and in my body. The first-time I breastfed my eldest, I had discomforts and soreness, which I came to learn that it is normal to breastfeeding moms, so I continued breastfeeding him, however, the struggles did not stop there. Nikolas was hospitalized due to Hirschsprung Disease. He was admitted to the hospital for a month or so, but I made sure that I’m by his side to continue breastfeeding him, it’s also one way to assure myself that he gets the nutrition he needs to help him recover right away. 

Then came Ethan and Elijah, my second and third sons, respectively. Since I was able to survive my struggles in breastfeeding Niko, I was able to do this smoothly with them. Making sure that I’m always hydrated and well rested, eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and exercising every day to ensure that they get the right nutrition that they need to be wonderful and healthy babies that I want them to be.

I know it’s hard when you’re a mom and you’re breastfeeding, you’re in constant need of food and as well as drinks, not alcohol though! We wouldn’t want any misunderstanding, right? We should always stay hydrated so that we can produce milk for our youngsters. And during my time as a breastfeeding mom for three boys, I doubled my food intake and drank a lot of water so that my breastmilk never runs out and the nutrition that I give to my baby is a hundred percent necessary for their proper growth. I entrusted that hydrating task to Absolute 100% distilled drinking water. I am confident with the water that I’m putting inside my body is clean and safe.
Breastfeeding may look like a simple task for mothers, but it needs to be done with a lot of care, patience and effort. It’s not just beneficial for us moms but it is also essential for the health and the growth of our child and helps us to create that everlasting bond that a mother has with their children. If you’re a mom of a newborn, make sure that you breastfeed them and give them your utmost care and love.

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  1. Breastfeeding is our Bonding MOMents with our little ones talaga. Dito nahuhubog yung attachments ng isang sanggol sa kanyang ina pagkapanganak nito. ♥

  2. Hi madam Dyosa...hanga po tlga ko sa mga mommies na ngppabreastfeed at ngaung 1month preggy ako i will make sure n mgppabreastfeed din ako and follow your experience of breastfeeding at iinom din ng absolute dring water...😊😊😊😊

  3. Wow nakakahanga ka talaga Ms.Rochelle �� Cheers sa ating mga padedemoms. Di po talaga madali ang maging isang ina. Pero need natin kayanin para sa mga anak natin.
    Infairness po Ms.Rochelle di po nagbago ang itsura nyo noon at mas lalo kayung gumanda ngayun������... Godbless po

  4. Hindi talaga easy ang BF, needs support (emotional, mental and psychological) from the family. So proud of you! ^_^

  5. Nakakproud ka nmn Ms Rochelle. I remember too when i gave birth wala akong parents na kasama or inlaws for guidance. But they managed to constantly call and give some advice esp on pushing to bfeed. And yes, til now, i get to eat a lot and drink more than 8 glasses. My toddler too drinks Absolute water while mineral nalang kami mga matatanda.

  6. Iba talaga ang benefits kapag breastfeeding mom ka. Ako proud ako na breastfeeding mom ako daming naitutulong sa mga anak ko ng gatas na nanggagaling sa akin. :) Hindi sakitin ang babies ko at honestly sa isang taon 2-3 beses mang sila magkasakit at hindi nagtatagal ang sakit nila. Nakakatuwa basahin ang breastfeeding journey mo Ms. Rochelle :) Di ko akalaing breastfeeding mom ka din pala. :)


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