Make Way for Wacoal Circuit Makati!

What you wear describes who you are, from your coats up to your undergarments. Your clothes describe your character and your mood, and it also sets the vibe of your day. Wacoal has been the standard for all ladies’ undergarments for so long and is one of the brands that creates products that empowers women in their daily activities. 
One of the reasons why Wacoal is loved here in the Philippines is because of their dedication in creating a high-quality garment for ladies, and I am so glad that Wacoal has opened a new store at the 2nd floor of the Ayala Malls Circuit Makati

I was very excited because the lace undergarments that I really like, which I first saw when we visited the Wacoal factory in Japan earlier this year, is already available here in the Philippines. Here comes Rochelle version 2.0! haha...

One of the designs featured at the new store of Wacoal is the Mood Collection. The collection has this simple yet cute designs that gave the garments a fresh look, suited for teens and millennials. Another one is the Salute collection, it has a more upfront style with its’ lace works and Swarovski crystals, giving it a very bold look.

Get fit for the right size bra at Wacoal

Friendly Wacoal staffs with Miss Scuba Philippines 

The stores ambiance is very vibrant and friendly, their staff is accommodating as well. They also have spacious fitting rooms for comfort and to help you move around. It’ll surely make you want to try out their different designs.
I will vlog about my Wacoal haul soon. 

You can check my blog regarding our visit to Wacoal’s factory, and how they create their products from scratch into the finest undergarments we now have. Visiting their factory in Japan helped me realize how the company is making sure that every product undergoes the standard procedure to maintain the strength of it and still has the comfort that every woman wants in the undergarments they wear.

Wacoal is one of the makers of undergarments that women can trust and it’s amazing that they continue to create and surprise us with more of their incredible design and sturdy products. 

You can check out their new store and the exclusive deals they offer at the 2nd floor of the Ayala Malls in Circuit Makati. Also, check my previous blog on the link below if you want to learn more about Wacoal and their products.

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  1. I like the pic sa may entrance ng wacoal Ms rochelle hehe. Truly, vibrant ang ambiance ng place. Trusted brand na kasi si wacoal. :)

  2. Wow this is my dream brand, ang gaganda ng garments nla, lalo na ung mga bra nila yan po pangarap ko magkaroon, Napka elegant ng store nla sa makati, sossy

  3. The store is so feminine and i support the wacoal campaign :) ♥

  4. Kaya po every cent is worth it po kapag yan ang biniling brand. Nabasa at nakita ko po ung post nyo about wacoal factory talaga namang pinaghusayang gawin. Sana makabili din ako nang ganyang brand. Ipon-ipon muna😊.
    Excited na po ako makita ang mga napamili po ninyo 😍😍😍.

  5. Wow..ang gaganda nmn po ng mga designs ng mga undergarments...pinapangarap ng mga kababaihan...😍😍😍


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