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An early ride on bullet train lead us the coveted factory – Wacoal.
All of us braved the cold weather to get to the factories to witness how the products are made. 

A warm Japanese ambience welcomed us as we get inside the factory. We were asked to take off our shoes as we entered the area which is part of the manufacturing practices and standards. 
We have been introduced to the Japanese production team, the hardworking people behind these beautiful undergarments.
Once we have finished the orientation and introduction about the company, the factory tour started. Welcome to Hokuriku Wacoal Sewing Corporation!

Production process, developments, designs - the works!

The manufacturing processes of Wacoal products go through a very tedious work. It doesn’t stop on creating a desired pattern. There is a series of step by step process that needs to be followed.

We were shown first at the area where prototype of undergarments are made. These prototypes are not the final designs. It has to be approved first and several concerns are to be considered before sending for production.

The process begins as follows. Fabrics and laces are prepared for cutting based on each material feature. It will be relaxed in the machine for atleast one day to avoid shrinkage based on the pattern and will proceed to spreading the fabric.

Different processes are used for cutting of fabrics and laces. Automatic cutting machine is used for cutting of fabrics. Whereas laces are cut by two methods – rotary cutter and press cutting. Next would be combining some parts and checking if its cut correctly based on the pattern.

Then its time for the sewing process! Both lingerie and brassiere have different specs and instructions to follow. It’s hand-sewn with skilled techniques to produce high quality products based on design. Imagine how the skilled workers would sew all of it manually. 

Then there goes the high quality of maintenance which repair machines and arrangement which would enhance the quality and the productivity that is required.
For every finished product, there goes the quality control. Wacoal has high quality standards and methods that they follow. Making sure each product goes through proper inspection and right output.

When it comes to packaging, set of procedures are observed as well. There is a standard folding and presentation per final product.
Each process undergo a meticulously set of standards and procedures. Each worker is trained to provide their best skills in finishing the product.
Another beauty, here comes the lace!
When we get to the material factory, we were able to get a closer look where the fabrics are designed and made. The laces are designed by a lace designer, considered as an artist who makes and starts everything from scratch. The designer thinks of its own unique design, fabric, pattern, thread to be used, etc.
Laces also go through a series of steps to be able to arrive in its own form. Artist will have to create pattern design then proceed to drafting. After this has been approved, it will start to go on manufacturing.

Wacoal don’t outsource their materials because they themselves make it then proceed to creating the products. They exhibit a high level of craftsmanship in each of the product that they make and has ushered into a merchandise of strength, comfortability which has earned them distinction and setting standard for customers around the world.
It carries with it a heritage of trust from Japanese people and customers worldwide a strong reputation of quality products becoming a pillar in the undergarments business. 

Capping the night

After touring the factories, we were treated to a sumptuous Japanese dinner at The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto. We were delighted to see the ninja show which provided entertainment for all of us. Fun day indeed! Thank you so much Wacoal!

I'll be posting my last day in Kyoto on my next blog. Hope to share with you more of Kyoto and Wacoal products. 

Also, follow my vlog on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/rochellemikorivera) to give you more glimpses of the trip. 

Photos by: Gerry Baclagon 

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  1. done watching ur vlog Ms. Rochelle, grabe ganda ng factory nila.
    I don’t like wearing bra :p but this Wacoal is so cute, i love their designs wish ko lng maka buy ako hehehe kahit yung Gococi nalng. ;)
    Cute ng ninja shows :D

  2. I have worked sa magkaibang production company na Japanese ang may-ari, so I know kung gaano sila kahands-on. On the other note, I salute Wacoal for producing quality hand-sewn lingeries and brassieres.

  3. Thanks for sharing the BTS. Very interesting!
    Great photos!

    Filipinow | The Modern Pinay's Nipa Hut of Beauty

  4. Katuwa naman how they produce Wacoal products. Pinag isipan talaga bawat designs kaya nman super gaganda ng products nila 😍 at di Lang basta maganda, matibay pa at comfortable 💖

  5. Sarap naman ma experience din yan Ms. Rochelle

  6. I love how careful they are in their quality checking. That was a nice experience! ^_^

  7. Japan quality undies! Ang gaganda!😍😍😍😱😱😱

  8. i love the videos and everything inside esp the products. Kaya siguro medyo pricey sya kasi maganda pagkakagawa.

  9. Hindi ko in-expect na ganyan katindi si Wacoal sa mga products nila.. Super amazing talaga! I enjoyed watching your vlog, saka un mga snippets sa IG story nyo, parang nakasama na rin kamibsa tour. March is indeed your lucky month. Hoping na mas marami pang mga magagandang blessings ang dumating sa inyo.

  10. OMG I Love this post! Wacoal products are really good quality. At first nagkukuripot ako but its Super worth it


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