Pioneer DIY 2018 Planner + Giveaway!

The world is evolving at a far faster rate than ever. You can literally do anything at the tip of your fingers. Hence, the DIY hype. You can craft and recreate most stuff with the right equipment and an in-depth video tutorial or book.

I recently discovered myself sucked into the DIY world. I am a known shopaholic but I can’t deny the awesome feeling of doing something from scratch yourself.

Pioneer’s mighty bond along with their other products (Pioneer Epoxy Durast Steel, Pioneer Mighty Bond, Epoxy Plus Five Clear, Pioneer Epoxy Clay Aqua, Mighty Insta Glue Remover Pioneer Mighty Bond Shoes and Pioneer Contact Bond) has been my partner with this new-found hobby of mine.

Mighty bond also helped us a lot in doing my sons’ creative school works. Nonetheless, my husband also uses most of their products to fix minor damages to our house.

Back to the topic, doing DIY projects has never been so easy. No more weak bonds between your crafts. The durability of my projects has been great which lead me into doing more stuff.

I highly encourage you to do DIYs specially with your family. It’s a great way to be productive and bond at the same time.

To give you a jump start, I’ll be doing a giveaway of Pioneer DIY 2018 Planner. This is what got me hooked and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

The mechanics is simple and is listed down below:
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6. Share your DIY tips and tricks on the comments section below. 

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Good luck everyone! 

The winners for #MyPioneerDIY #PioneerAdhesivesDIY #RochelleRiveraXPioneerAdhesives

Congratulations to: 
Charisse Joy Espinoza

Meldy Natividad

Rojean Mae Manhic

Please PM me on my Facebook page to claim your prize. 

Thank you everyone for joining! Stay tuned for more giveaways 

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  1. Dapat always prepared lahat ng gamit na gagamitin. Magka kasama sa place Kung Saan gagawa.

  2. IG: @anngercio
    Twitter: @annpaumacbunso
    DIY tips and tricks: Decorate an old plain frame with glue, let it dry for a minute, then paint over it so it will like a carved wood.

  3. My daughter loves to play princesses and one of her favorite is Belle.. Since she always play it, its arm were broken and it really saddened her as she can't play her favorite toy. Good thing I have Pioneer Mighty Bond ready and I am making sure that I have a stock of it at home to make sure that I can fix my daughter's favorite toy immediately. Samething with her other broken stuff, I can fix it right away with my dependable Mighty Bond. Using Mighty Bond ensures that it sticks properly and will last long. Mighty Bond really saves the day like a MIGHTY super hero and it really helps bringing my daughter's smile and BOND again with her favorite Belle, again!

  4. I always keep Pioneer Mighty Bond handy and ready at home and in the office. This is the MIGHTY adhesive product that I trust in putting back together my broken stuff. Recently, I just fixed my favorite earrings and in just a few seconds it BONDs, I can use it like nothing happens and I am on the go with a perfect look with my pearls on. Pioneer Mighty Bond is really the adhesive product that everyone and every household should have. With Mighty Bond, it brings back together broken pieces to life!

  5. My simple DiY at home everytime having a problem with some of my things, i Trust Only Mighty Bond....
    Its Easy to Use And havnt Spent So much fixing it....

  6. I love DIYs and hindi mo kailangan gumastos ng money to do it. You can upcycle a lot of things like old clothes, old stuffs that you can use pa for diy. You can save money at the same time nakakagawa ka pa ng masterpiece, unique way din to for me to distress. 😉 tip ko lang when you DIY, use your imagination and maximise your resources. If you can provide or imrpovise then go. As much as possible mas tipid, mas okay! Be creative.

    1. Congratulations Rojeanmae Manhic! You won. Please PM me to claim your prize. Thank you!

    2. Thank you miss rochelle ☺

  7. Mahilig talaga ako magDIY pero siguro sa mga damit lang, lalo na kung may event like mga costumes no need na bumili lalo na dito sa call center na palaging may event almost every month. Tips kapag nag DIY, dapat talaga secured yung mga pandikit mo para iwas abala :)

  8. Doing DIY is my passion!!! Since I have two little girls... I love to dress them up and attend costume parties..
    My DIY tips is to always find the creative side of anything you have around you... Those things you think is only a garbage is for sure can be useful too! Maging matyaga Lang at malikhain and for sure mapapakinabangan mo sila. And sa mga costume ng bagets you can always use it again and again without letting other people thinks she already wear it. You can add paper flowers... A DIY wings.. for their plain costume be more vonggacious!! Less gastos na kabogable pa ang aura nila!
    IG; @kengkaysichuchay03
    FB: Meldy Natividad

    1. Congratulations Meldy Natividad! You won. Please PM me to claim your prize. Thank you!

  9. I love doing DIY lalo na for my little girl mahilig kasi kame pareho sa crafting my little girl is 10 so usually gumagawa kame ng mga headbands and clips and sometimes gumagawa kame ng holders kagaya ng cellphone holder lipstick holder and bookshelves. Eto the best tip for mommies like me na mahilig mag DIY together with kids let your kids show there own creativity just like me. Eto pa dahil medyo mahirap
    gumamit ng glue gun kasi matatakot ka baka mapaso ang kids why not use Mighty Bond instant glue sa mga crafts na ginagawa nyo with kids mas matibay sya at mas long lasting yan kasi gamit namin ni charmelle lalo sa Headbands na ginagawa namin kasi kapag glue gun gamit ko mahina ung dikit nya minsan madaling matanggal.

    1. Congratulations Charisse Joy Espinoza! You won :) Please PM me to claim your prize. Thank you!

  10. I love mighty bond since I was young. I remember nabali yung pinaka neck ng electricfan namin then ginamitin ng father ko ng mighty bond, wow working great ulit ang electricfan to think mabigat ang pinakahead nito coz of the motor.
    I always love DIY made things I'll sure trust mightybond to make my wall frames para matibay talaga sya coz you know Subok ko na to Hehe. Wall frames kasi maraming medals at certificate Nakuha ng son ko sa school so my idea is to make DIY made na nga frames para may touch ng love Hehe. I'll use thin woods then use mighty bond to put them together then put some decorative DIY stuff for school and a label for which award it is.

  11. I love making costumes of my baby girl and i am really fond of DIY, i get inspirations from pinterest and you tube. Most of the time i use old clothes fabrics and sew it together forme to create a new costume. I am into paper mache making also i created a wand and a pokeball basket out of old news paper and flour. I mold it to create the form that I wanted. And then viola, a new product especially made by me from old papers.

  12. In doing Diy, creativity and resourcefulness is the key. You can use old stuffs like magazine, newspaper etc. To decorate everything that you want. Just be imaginative and optimistic afterwards you will ne surprise that you made a masterpiece. ��

  13. Pag may old notebooks ako, nirerecycle ko to make new one. I use a yarn to tie them up. Tas I cover it with a magazine na may magandang pictures parang collage style ganun.

    Basta if you have gamit na pede pa irecycle , recycle it para makatipid at makadiscover ng bagong bagay ehehhehe

  14. Nakaka-enjoy nga din mag-DIY! Ma-tetest ang creativity natin.


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