Feel and Smell the #LoveByGlade

In our home, I always make sure that every corner smells good and fresh. That’s just one of the many ways I express my love to my family. It gives such a comforting feeling. I personally love the sweet smell of flowers and fruits, or the aroma like that in spas. Very relaxing! I have tried so many ways to do this – oils, candles, sprays, diffusers, etc. But what I’m about to share to you is the best for me.

Glade Philippines set up a room, the “Love Bubble”, at the Glorietta Activity Center, and it was so adorable in pinks and whites. More than the colors and its overall look, I was instantly captivated by the scent. It was like someone showered the room with perfume. I didn’t realize it was the smell of the air freshener. 

The event introduces the newest Glade Peony and Berry Bliss and the Glade Automatic Spray. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t wait to use it in our room! Peony and Berry Bliss is now my favorite variant from Glade. Super worth it!
The Automatic Spray was also quite a revelation. I was not a fan, and almost didn’t notice it at first. However, it’s really an interesting piece.

What I like about Glade Automatic Spray:
•       Affordable
The starter set that is available in selected stores nationwide only costs Php365. It already has two AA batteries and 269ml/175g refill can. A canister can last up to 60 days.

•       Easy to prepare
Unlike oils that you need to burn and air diffusers that take a lot of time and effort to prepare, Glade Automatic Spray unit is soooooo easy to set up.

1.      Press the button with the Glade logo at the top to open
2.      Activate the batteries by removing the red tab
3.      Insert the can of your preferred Glade scent
4.      Set the timer (you opt from 9 minutes, 18 minutes or 36 minutes). You can also choose to press the Boost button for manual spray whenever you feel like it.
5.      Close the unit.

•       Multipurpose
The spray you unit can be a decorative piece on your table or wall. Yes, you can mount it onto screws. Its delightful fragrance can eliminate bad odors. You can place it anywhere in the house, and it quickly fills even large rooms with freshness.
If you still have time, visit Glade Philippines from April 6 to 8 at the Glorietta Activity Center and buy a Glade Peony and Berry Bliss Air Freshener or refill + Glade Automatic Spray. You’ll get a free umbrella and other rewards.

Enjoy the GIF Interactive Love Photo Booth
Witness the performances from Halili Cruz Ballet School. You’ll surely fall in love.

Also, try the other scents from Glade:
Hawaiian Breeze
Morning Freshness
White Lilac
Clean Linen
Lavender & Vanilla
Ocean Escape

Love month may be already over, but love is absolutely everywhere. It’s in the air. #LoveByGlade

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  1. Nakakatuwa ito promise. I want this too.. ♥

  2. mabango siguro yang Peony and Berry Bliss na yan:) must try si ocean escape:)

  3. This is so cool especially when you have visitors. Kasi you can maintain the fresh fragrance of your house and pwede mo sya i set depende sa mode. Tapos pwede din manually operated which is good nanman kapag walang visitors. Nice Blog. i love it

  4. Ang blooming mo talaga! Wow! New variant. never tried this yet. Which is better? this one or yung mga essential oils? ^_^

  5. i love glade freshener, ndi matapang ang mga amoy nila. i always buy Ocean escape scent

  6. Wow..cant wait to try it para mas lalo pang bumango ang house namin..thanks ms rochelle for sharing this to us..

  7. Mukhang mabango tlga to aa...Daka ganda ng packaging 😊

  8. This is definitely worth it. We use Glade also and naka time siya sa 30 minutes para tipid :)

  9. Basta glade always feel and smell good :)

  10. Basta glade always feel and smell good :)

  11. I will definitely try this. I like that it doesn't need electricity or candle to make it work. Thanks.

  12. what scent is best for airconditioned room? i don't like sweet smell can you help?

  13. can you help what scent i can use, i husband don't like sweet smell and i hope it long last.

  14. Glade talaga ang may pinakasweet na scent. Sa room mo glade Lang talaga gamit ko kasi di matapang amoy kaya marerelax ka talaga pag uwi mo ng bahay from work.


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