Don't Stress, It's all Fresh. #JustHonestBee

I've tried shopping with the help of Honestbee, and I was so satisfied with their service, because of the quality of the products they delivered, right at my door step. It's a big relief when I learned that Honestbee now delivers goods from wet markets!

I was invited to join Honestbee's shopping trip to Farmers Market in Cubao. And to my surprise, Honestbee has accredited stalls in the market. So if you'll be using Honestbee app at Farmers Market, the shopper bees will be looking for the Honestbee sign, which indicates that the store is accredited and the stall is their "Suki". These accredited stalls or stores was able to pass Honestbee's high standard of quality, so you can make sure that everything you purchase is fresh. Not only that, the "Suki" stores give 20% discount to shopper bees, so you can also save a lot!

During the trip, we went around Farmers Market with the shopper bees. They gave us some tips on how she makes sure that the products they deliver are fresh.
Here are the tips she gave when buying vegetables-

For garlic, she told us that the bulb should be whole, and that the outer skin is intact and there are no holes, it should also be a nice white color. 

When it comes to cabbages, she said that the color should not be a  pale green, and that the leaves should not have any holes. 

The carrots should be smooth and should be a vibrant orange in color.

We also went to a meat stalls to shop, specifically at Loleng, one of the "Suki.  Our Honestbee shopper told us that they can assure us that the meat sold in this store is always fresh. You can check it with the color of the meat, it should not be dark or discolored, the meat should be reddish. They also have a "Suki" for chicken, you can spot a good by checking the color and the surface, there shouldn't be any dark spots on the chicken to know if it's fresh.

Of course, we also went to the seafood section. Honestbee's "Suki" for seafood are all fresh, they even sell live fishes, and they are so cute when they're jumping around, we just have to be careful, or we'll end up smelling like the fishes. Honestbee shopper advised us that we can check under the gills of the fish, if it is red, and if the eyes of the fish is clear, it's really fresh. 

She also told us that when buying shrimp, the head and the body should be fully intact, not bent or broken.

Lastly, we went fruit shopping, She thought us how to choose the best quality of fruit. first is to check the color, another one, the fruit should also has a firm and smooth surface, and last, you can tell that the fruit is crisp by flicking it with your finger.

Shop Farmers Market at Honestbee now!

Delivery is free for P2,500 and up worth of purchases, and service fee is only P99. All is worth it, since all of the goods or products you need will be delivered to you, right at your doorstep. No traffic, no hassle, and no need to worry, since Honestbee makes sure that they give the freshest and highest quality of products. 

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