Harvester’s Rice: Plan Your Week Ahead With Sinandomeng Rice!

Rice, as we know it, is Philippine’s most vital staple crop. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO),rice employs 2.5 million households, broken down into 2.1 million farmers, 110,000 workers for post-farm activities and 320,000 for ancillary activities. This only means that the production of rice is at an incredibly large scale. Though it’s at a massive production, the Philippines still suffer from rice shortage. We Filipinos are known for our trademark, which is “Kanin pa po!” (extra rice). And I must say, having four boys in the family, there’s no doubt that rice consumption inside the corners of our home is pretty extreme! Our local and homemade dishes aren’t complete without rice on the side. We can’t have breakfast, lunch or dinner with just a plain “ulam” (viand) and no rice with it. One can’t eat Kaldereta, Kare-Kare, Adobo, Sinigang, etc. without matching it with the best Filipino crop treasure. Rice is a part of every Filipino’s life and I know that you’ll agree with me in this one. It’s a good thing that our country is a cluster of tropical islands. The richness of nature allowed a beautiful archipelago to produce a lot of crops like rice. 
I, for one, am a fan of rice meals. A true Filipina is what I call it! Haha! And being a part of the extra rice trend, I tend to be meticulous when it comes to picking the right rice for my family. There is a really long list of types of rice out there, you just needed some information on which is best. I’ve been using white rice for a really long time that I can easily distinguish which is good and which is not. 

In choosing a rice for the family, I prefer Harvester’s Delicious Sinandomeng from Sunnywood Superfoods Corporation. Sunnywood is known as “The Rice Expert”. They’ve been supplying branded rice to consumers in the supermarkets since 1997. They feature Harvester’s, Farm Boy and Jordan Farms. Not only that they are leading the market with local rice, they are also known for their wide range of stirring varieties of rice. They offer healthy unpolished black, red and brown grains that consumers, including me, came familiar with. Between the three brands, I prefer Harvester’s because they have what I like most when it comes to white rice, which is their delicious Sinandomeng! It’s traditional, it’s versatile, and easy-slash-convenient to cook!

Attributes of Harvester’s Sinandomeng Rice:
1.     Newly-Harvested Fragrant Rice
2.     White and Long-Grain
3.     Deliciously Soft, Chewy, and Sticky When Cooked
4.     Available in 2-, 5-, 10-, 25-kg packs/sacks

This type of rice is really good for any type of occasion. It is a favorite of Filipino Families! And I know a group of boys who loved white rice like crazy! It’s like they can devour everything inside a “kaldero” (cooking pot) like madmen! Sinandomeng is a helping hand for me, that’s no doubt! I don’t have to stress over thinking if my boys will enjoy the food because I already know that the rice will taste good. I enjoy cooking for Euryd, as much as cooking for my kids! I yearn for his satisfaction. *Aww! Cheesy!* Haha! But it’s true! I always aim for their happiness, his happiness. If he and my kids are happy, then I’m happy. And what better way to ensure the family’s happiness with this high-quality rice? None other than planning ahead of time! Unlike any typical mom, “advance ako mag isip!” I make sure that our weekly meal plans are all set! I plan what to cook on a specific day way ahead of time, may it be Monday to Sunday or a special occasion. Though we’re all busy, we never miss on daily family dinners. This way, we can ask about each other’s day and catch up with each other’s lives. A hint on what we usually have for meals on common days are listed below.

  • Harvester's Sinandomeng Rice with Soysauce
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Tocino


    • Harvester's Sinandomeng Rice
    • Roasted Chicken
    • Green Salad 
    • Fruit Salad

    • Harvester's Sinandomeng Rice
    • Cordon Bleu
    • Pickled Flat Mustard Green 

    We enjoy eating rice because the quality of the rice I’m using is truly extra! It’s good for occasions and great for everyday use, may it be regular steamed rice, fried rice, or even congee. It’s perfect for that kind cooking. We can all agree that Sinandomeng is a traditional favorite! For mommies, out there, if you want to see the satisfaction face from your loved ones, don’t shy out! Be informed and choose your right rice! #RiceTheRightWay #HarvestersRice

    For more info on Sunnywood, Harvester’s, Farm Boy and Jordan Farms, visit the links below:

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    1. Organic rice na din kinakain namin ngayon, ang mahal pero masarap. :)

    2. Nakabili rin ako ng Harvesters Rice sa Rustans and also black rice for husband. And true enuf na pInay ka pag rice is life haha. Masarap din kumain kung magandang klase ng rice ang naka serve mas mapapakain kapa lalo na kung kare kare yan na fave ko 😁


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