MayMay Entrata for #MegandaSiMayMay

Today, I met MayMay Entrata, actress, model and singer, is the newest face of Megan, a local skincare brand that takes care of Filipinas’ skin by keeping it clean. She's so nice and has a bubbly personality. 

#MegandaSiMayMay is the campaign name of Megan with MayMay Entrata as its celebrity endorser. With a witty nature, a caring attitude, and a personality that radiates confidence, MayMay surely embodies the brand Megan, a brand which name stands for strong, capable, practical and true to one’s self- qualities Megan and MayMay share. 

Since Filipinas are known to be naturally beautiful, Megan banks on the concept of embracing natural Filipina beauty and taking care of it. Meganda si MayMay campaign will help us choose the best product for our facial skin care needs.

Megan stays true to its mission of taking care of Filipinas’ skin by stressing the importance of a clean skin that can easily be achieved with Megan’s facial skin care products that leaves your skin free of blackheads, whiteheads and skin impurities for a cleaner skin that brings out the natural beauty of Filipinas. 

Megan has a variety of facial skin care products including Megan Peel Off Mask which is Megan's best-selling product range that removes blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities. 

It comes in four (4) variants: 

1. Megan Peel Off Clay Mask with Charcoal Extract 
-remove blackheads and whiteheads as it detoxifies and lightens skin. 

2. Megan Peel Off Gel Mask with Gold Collagen Extract 
-helps lift and rejuvenate the skin. 

3. Megan Peel Off Gel Mask with Cucumber Extract 
-for firmer, brighter and healthy-looking skin

4. Megan Peel Off Gel Mask with Papaya Extract
-Leaves the skin lighter after use and is recommended for gentle peeling. 

Other facial products include 

Megan Nose Pore Strips

Megan Facial Wax Strips 

and their newest products called Megan Facial Sheet Masks 

and Megan Hydro Cool Eye Gel Patch

All Megan products are dermatologically tested so they are proven effective and safe to use. 

Megan is available at Watsons Stores, 7-Eleven Stores, Mercury Drugstores, Department Stores, SM Stores and other leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide. 

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  1. I love face mask 😍 But I decided to stop. Kasi grabe breakout ng face ko. 😭😭😭 Buti ka pa ang kinis ng face mo

  2. will try each variant , ganda ng description each and Maymay bagay siya to endorse this product tlga 😊


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