Home Essentials featuring Asvel: Homegrown products from Japan, now in the Philippines

As a mother who enjoys taking care of my family and making sure that our welfare is never compromised, I always make sure to check even the tiniest details of the things that I buy for them or for the household. Last week, I recently stumbled upon Asvel products and found out that it’s a new addition to Miss Kris Aquino’s newest home favorites. I thoroughly researched about their products and opted to try them because knowing Kris, she won’t trust a brand that would put her family in danger; one of the few things I like about her is her love and care for her family. So, the moment I found out she was endorsing Asvel, I really became more interested.

Asvel recently launched its first store in the Philippines having Kris Aquino as their brand ambassador. Sharing her baon tips for her sons and also how she prepares her food and puts her trust on Asvel products in keeping their baon fresh throughout the day.

Asvel is a home care brand which recently flown from Japan and it aims to quickly target the market’s needs and focus on carrying out advanced development concerning household products that we mainly use day by day. It covers a wide range of products from food storages to lunch boxes, kitchenware, sanitary ware, and even garbage containers providing a lifestyle change to consumers in a more friendly way to the community because all products are reusable such that people won’t be using too much plastics. They also try to achieve high quality and stable supplies catering to the needs of people domestically and overseas. They continually strive to become the most highly trusted full range manufacturer of housewares that would suffice the needs of people in terms of tools and equipment we use every day. 
They offer an extensive line up of items that will surely suit your needs. 

They offer thermal lunch boxes containing different bowls that will enable you to carry along lunch dishes that needs to be served in large bowls or plates, leaving you with a wide range variety of choices of food to cook and choose from.

One of my personal favorites is the Asvel Rice Dispenser  which stores rice to maintain its freshness and moisture by sealing the rice container tightly. They also have measuring functions which I love and its drawer type bins that are very much convenient in modular kitchens.

Their water jug is designed for easy pouring and storage, having it also in wide range sizes with high functionality measurements. Its handle is also designed for easy grip and carrying. It also comes with additional tea strainer where you can prepare your tea and strain the tea leaves after. They can be used in almost any situation there is, whether a common home stay or even a party. 

I sure hope people will start patronizing these products because they’re worth the price and usage. It will always surpass my expectations as a mother who wants to give the best to my children. I do hope they continue expanding stores worldwide and add more stores here in the Philippines, so all Filipinos can try their products. With Asvel, I rest my case in being paranoid with our kitchenware and my children’s lunch boxes because I am assured and confident that they are well kept and it will be safe for their consumption. 
For more information about their products and to check the variety of kitchenware they offer, you can check out their website at http://www.asvel.co.jp/en/index.html. 

Follow Asvel Philippines on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asvelph/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asvelph/

Also, don’t forget to visit their first ever store here in the Philippines located at The Podium Mall. You can also find Asvel products at Greenbelt 5, SM Home, MakeRoom, National Book Store, and Rustan's. If you don’t have time and you’re with a tight schedule, you can order online through Shopee and Lazada. Just search Asvel and navigate through their products. It’s about time we invest in something that guarantees safety of our family members and advancements in our everyday lives. Trust Asvel! #AsvelPhilippines #KrisLovesAsvel 

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