Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 Recital #CelebrateTheGift

I’m still in awe from the past weeks that I had to remember vividly what happened from then. I am out of words from witnessing my son’s growth and development through his passion for dancing when he danced gracefully at his own birthday party. Though at first he didn’t like the idea of dancing in public because he’s normally shy around other kids, he was able to mingle with them and was able to overcome his fears in introducing himself to other people. He was able to dance in front of other people and impart his ideas with regards to dance choreographies that I didn’t know he had in him when he was younger. All I thought was he was just exploring and trying to find out what he wants to do. But little did I know it was turning into his passion and more so, something he would do on his past time. My husband and I support him in everything he does because we want him to prosper in the field that he chooses. 

Good thing there are camps that offers summer workshops for kids who would like to spend their summer break to learn and hone their skills and talents. This is what Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 7 is all about. It is a summer talent program spearheaded by various individuals who excel in the field of drama, music, and the arts for kids aged 6-11 years old. 

The recital was recently concluded and watching a lot of kids get better and grow in their respective fields is fulfilling as a mother who knows what it feels like to see your children improve. Kids around all ages being cute as they dance to groovy rhythm, sing in wonderful tunes, paint and draw figures, future thespians acting- all of which are very much enjoyable to watch. I have witnessed a lot of recitals and plays but I must say watching these young kids prosper and sine in their own ways, this must be the cutest and most enjoyable show that I have watched. 
Be sure to keep supporting your child’s potentials and if you missed this year’s Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 7, make sure to enroll them next summer because for sure there would be more surprises that your children will enjoy! Take part in your child’s development and enjoyment as they nurture their gifts and enjoy at the same time. Be a proud parent as they unravel their inner talents and improve them as time goes by. Together, we can all be proud that our children are all past i-shine scholars. 

See you all next year for Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 8! Hope to see you all there! 

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