Making healthful lifestyle choices to protect the heart this Holiday Season

Every now and then, I make sure to always check up on my friends and family if they’re doing well. This is a healthy approach to check on their mental health as we all experience rough days sometimes. But apart from mental health, one issue that I’d like to bring up is about how chronic diseases and diabetes take on most lives in the world. Some of us are unaware that at this very moment, we are manifesting symptoms of these lethal conditions but we choose to ignore it. Some are even aware that they have it but would not mindfully monitor because of different factors. And it’s the most selfish thing to do actually. To have yourself isolated from the case and not visit your doctor will put your family to more risks than what you think. By going unmedicated, you risk more complications in your life and sure who would suffer? Your whole family when you leave them in this lifetime. 

There are so many causes raised to educate the people about medical conditions and introduce them to having a regular check-up with their doctors. There are drives that were launched to help our fellowmen detect early signs of these diseases. All are needed because we have a big gap with our lifestyle and healthcare that most of which are going neglected. These awareness campaigns have been possible because there are companies which extend their arms to the people by living up to their brands and advocacies. Just like how Sanofi, which is the Philippines’ trusted health partner in chronic diseases, launched campaigns and lectures to keep people aware and educated about how to prevent these chronic diseases, how to detect early signs of the complication, and how to treat it accordingly.

Keep in mind that the leading cause of death in the Philippines is due to cardiac arrest that is mostly triggered by how unhealthy our lifestyles are and numerous factors including high cholesterol level, obesity, lack of physical activity, and many more. Filipino families should acknowledge that in this season of fighting through chronic diseases, it is better to have early detection and a grasping partner like Sanofi to safeguard our health and our families’ welfare.  


Sanofi takes into commitment that no one gets left behind with these complications. #PanataNgPamilya will always be enforced because Sanofi pledges to take full care and genuine love to every household to deliver good service and quality products that will help us through our medical situations. #PanatangSanofi will always encapsulate all their promises to provide a healthier life resulting to a healthier Philippines all in all. Your family will not be the only one looking after you when you experience diabetes or chronic diseases. You have Sanofi by your side, making sure you recover or manage the disease. They have lived up to their promises of best of the best services and will continue doing so in the following years.


This Holiday season, may we always be mindful of our health and have ourselves diagnosed with any other underlying conditions that may further harm us and our family. Go and prevent what can be prevented and treat what can still be treated. Don’t let the gap between our healthcare and your personal lifestyle be a hindrance to have yourself checked. It only takes a day to get diagnosed, but a lifetime to neglect the whole check up and suffer. Let’s lean on towards a #HealthierPhilippines and take Sanofi with us to ensure that our lives will no longer be at stake. #PanatangSanofi #PanataNgPamilya.


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