The Perfect Workout Towel: Tesalate sand-free towels

 The past months, everyone was encouraged to stay at home. Some people who are into fitness struggled to attend gym classes because of the ongoing pandemic. But they made sure to still stay fit and healthy by conducting home workouts and zoom classes just to be able to remain fit and active even if they’re at home. Mommies invested on yoga mats that they can use for their daily meditation and some for activities that are done on the floor; while daddies invested on gym equipment just to continue their regimens. I myself personally decided to still continue working out while at home through watching various Youtube tutorial videos of yoga routines, dance classes, and cardio exercises.

Now all throughout this home-work out time, I have one must have that I really love to use on almost all my routines and even outside of workout. I have Tesalate sand-free beach towel. Yup, you read that right. It’s a sand-free beach towel that I carry with me when I do my workout. Why? Because it is specifically made for almost everything. Part from it being perfect for usage on summer days as a normal towel; it can also be used as picnic mat or as a mat for sun-bathing. It is fast drying, super absorbent, odor-free, light, compact, and most importantly, having the materials that are antibacterial. Zinc was added as a component in the towel which makes its antibacterial agent effective not only to ward off bacteria, but also to prevent the infestation of fungi including algae, mold, and milder that mostly causes bad odor. 

I ordered the Pink Bora Bora design which is perfect for me because I love the color pink. Tesalate sand-free beach towel is a 160cm x 80cm full-sized beach towel which rapid-drying, double sided, and much absorbent. I love how it’s an all in one towel that I can carry throughout the day and use in different ways. I would surely use it one of these days when everything is back to normal and I can head on to the beach with my family. 

Famous celebrities and personalities were also seen carrying Tesalate as their travel essentials, using them on their beach trips and almost everyday use. Tesalate has been rapidly dominating the vast majority of consumers all over the world because of its marvelous features that even famous personalities are hooked by Tesalate.

Be sure to check out Tesalate sand-free towels and experience the comfort and convenience that we feel everytime we use it for different leisure. From home workouts, to just regular usage, to beach trips, and even extreme mountain climbing, Tesalate sand-free towel is perfect for almost anything!

Sand-free beach towels. From Sydney to the world. Delivering FREE worldwide. Order now at 


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  1. Maganda nga po itong towel na ito itsura pa lang makikita na po na maganda ang quality at ang mga designs po ang gaganda rin po kaya talaga nakaka engganyo po bumili.. medyo pricey po pero worth it naman po sa ganda ng quality..

  2. Wow super ganda naman ng towel mo ma nakakatuwa pati ang kulay super Ganda

  3. This is perfect on work out at home,to stay busy and lessen think stress.Lets just live life and enjoy.


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