Affordable Dried Flower Arrangement at Lee Fleurs

The beauty of life can easily be seen through the presence of a flower. It starts close and shut, then blooms eventually through time. Flowers come in all shapes, forms, colors, and sizes but the beauty of each are distinct to each other and they all vary in usage. Some are given as gifts, some for commemorative, some for ornament, while some are just really left unbothered staying outside our homes. What I love abour flowers is that when given to you, you would really feel special because it's not everyday you get them. It's sometimes reserved for special occasions.

However, fresh flowers often wither after 10 days of plucking them out of their main stems. Imagine buying fresh flowers only to decay after a couple of days. Good thing our society is evolving which paved way to producing dried flowers which are very appealing and just as good as those fresh ones.

Check out @lee_fleurs on instagram to take a glimpse of a wonderful way to present flowers in every occasion. Dried flowers undergo a specific process that would really cast the life of the whole pack by years- and when I say years, I meant YEARS. They're longer lasting compared to fresh flowers, and are still very aromatic. Remember the synthetic flowers you often see in home stores around the mall? They very much resemble the dried flowers- except that the dried flowers from Lee Fleurs are very classy, elegant, and would definitely light the whole room. 

Not to mention these dried flowers are low maintenance and doesn't need watering at all. This is surely something that we should add on our homes as decoration or gift to our loved ones in replacement of the usual boquets that we buy. 
While it is important to express our love to our family and friends on special events, may we almost think of sustainable ways and more practical ways to appreciate and enjoy every moments. With Lee Fleurs dried flowers, the love keeps on and on after years! 

Check out the beautiful dried flower bouquets and arrangements now on Instagram:

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  1. Ang ganda talaga nya ma pwede mong idisplay kahit san hindi nakakasawa titigan

  2. Ang gaganda naman po nitong mga dried flowers na po ito at talagang umaabot po sila ng years kaya talagang maganda nga po ito para sa bahay po natin o ibigay sa ating Love One sa buhay..

  3. Dried flowers is interesting, soon I will have one in my home.

  4. this is really nice sulit yung ibabayad dahil years pala sya tumatagal❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏

  5. This is really a perfect gift,its a sweet thought to give this fresh dried flowers to our loved ones.


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