Being a mother is the achievement that I am most proud of. It is all that I ever wanted and being blessed with children, I cannot ask for more. However, being one has never been an easy task. Juggling the household chores and making sure that my children are well cared-of, I tend to neglect myself.

My skin started to look dull, it felt dry, and sometimes breakouts cannot be avoided. As much as I hate to admit, I am afraid that one day I will look older than my age. I find that applying skincare routine is quite tedious especially since I cannot be away for long from my newborn. Extra time is something that I now lack.

I needed a change and it should start with me too - chance for me to rediscover myself. As if hearing my plea, Foreo came to me. Have you heard about Foreo? Foreo is a Swedish high-end beauty gadget. They have a lot of products you could choose from, from cleansing devices, massaging facial devices, and this UFO that shortens skincare routine in just 90 seconds! 

You read that right, a complete facial mask treatment in just 90 seconds! I cannot believe it myself but I immediately started using it. I can easily do this even while holding my baby with me. 

 What is UFO? 

 UFO as called by Foreo is a beauty gadget with a complete smart mask treatment that uses Hyper-Infusion Technology combining heat, cool, and T-sonic pulsations while using it on your skin. In just 90 seconds, the UFO instantly applies the mask's essence and massages it on the skin. You might think that the process was shortened so it is ineffective but not. It can deliver the same results as if you are doing the facial mask sheet treatment for 20 to 30 minutes. 

 There are two modes for the UFO: the Thermo-Therapy Mode and the Cryo-Therapy Mode. The Thermo-Therapy Mode helps the skin prepare and enhance the absorption of the UFO Power Activated Mask Ingredients. The process helps in softening the skin while the heat prepares the skin for any treatment, specifically the type of the UFO Power Activated Mask that you will use. This heat also opens up the pores for better penetration of the treatment. 

 The Cryo-Therapy on the other hand, helps by refreshing, lifting, firming, and shrinking the appearance of our pores. The cool sensation from the device after the heat surely feels relaxing. The perfect way to end the whole treatment! 

 Most of all, the best feature of the UFO is its T-Sonic Pulsations! Why? It will stimulate the blood's microcirculation! It is similar to the facial massage that you do on facial treatments. With these pulsations from UFO, it will help for the better absorption of the products and facilitate skin renewal! 

UFO by Foreo also has LED Light therapy specifically in three colors: red, green, and blue. 

Each of these lights targets photofacials to rejuvenate the skin. 

The color red helps erase any signs of aging and it stimulates collagen production. 

The green helps in brightening the complexion and boost radiance. 

The last color, blue, targets acne-causing bacteria and also stimulates blood circulation. 

 How To Use UFO? 

 Make sure that your UFO has a charge in order to use the device. It can be easily plugged in via USB. The battery lasts long even though I use the device daily. Next, make sure that the Foreo Sweden Application is downloaded into your mobile or tablet. After installing the application, do not forget to register your UFO Device. 

 When all is set with your device and application. Clean your face by washing and pat it dry. If you are going to use a toner, it is also fine but make sure your skin is dry before using the UFO. Choose the mask that you wanted to use, scan the using your mobile or tablet then start the treatment. 

Just attach the sheet and lock it in with the ring. The Foreo Sweden App will guide you on how to use it and the strokes. The process itself is very relaxing so make sure to enjoy it. 

The whole treatment will last for 90 seconds, it is your decision if you still want to repeat the process. In my case, I usually repeat it and apply it on my neck area. 

Every drop counts from your mask so make sure to use all the essence. 
After using the device, you can wash it since it is waterproof. Do not forget to sanitize it. 

 My Experience? 

 Completing a facial treatment in just 90 seconds is perfect for a full-time mother like me! Time is something that I lack and being able to squeeze in the treatment in my nights is the best solution and I am definitely recommending it to all the busy mothers out there! Especially working moms. 

There are a lot of options to choose from Foreo's UFO Activated Masks. Each one targets specific treatment and price also varies depending on which mask that you will choose. 

There are several UFO Activated Masks offered by Foreo. Since my current skin condition truly needs all the help it can get, it is definitely dull and dry so I chose to apply the Glow Addict (1240php) and Youth Junkie (1240php) from the advanced collection. 

The Glow Addict's main ingredient is the Pearl Extract designed for enhanced brightening of the skin by illuminating dull skin for a healthy and radiant glow. I observed that it was able to visibly brighten my skin. Dullness is gone! This mask can be used for all skin types. 

Youth Junkie's main ingredient is Collagen targeting intensive renewal by reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a younger looking skin. This is what my skin definitely needs. I noticed that among all of my UFO activated masks, this one is the most moisturizing. It also improves skin's elasticity and helps restore youthful plumpness. 

Days after I used this mask, I noticed that my skin is indeed plumper specially on the cheeks area. This is more suitable for dry and mature skin like mine. I do hope that with continued use, I will be able to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles or at least prevent more formation of these signs of aging. 

Best thing about UFO Activated Masks is that they are dermatologist tested and formulated with the highest quality plant and fruit extracts. No parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, disodium EDTA or mineral oil. 

These masks were developed from Korea and made with a special ultra-soft microfiber and drenched in premium skincare formulas. 
With the help of Foreo UFO, I was able to address the needs of my skin. The process is fast, and the essence of the mask was absorbed by my skin and each time that I use it, my skin feels hydrated. Goodbye dry skin! 

Since my skin feels hydrated now specially after a few weeks of continued use, I can see the difference that my skin is smoother and softer. It has this natural glow that I find lacking before. Imagine in just one smart device, I feel like I just had undergone a facial spa but at the comforts of my own home. 

The UFO is a high-end product and I know it costs more for our pocket (16,320php) but if you actually compute the money that you could save by skipping regular visits to facial spas, you will save more! Not only that, the convenience and time allowance that you will gain from using this device - it is priceless! 

For me, this is definitely worth the purchase! I cannot imagine myself in the future without this UFO in my beauty stash! 

 For more information about FOREO, you can follow and reach them through here: 

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  1. Wow mukhang maganda nga pi itong product na to.. Salamat po sa magandang review na shinare mo momsh

  2. Parang bet ko rin po ito ms. Rochelle.. natatakot din po ako na magmukhang matanda kesa po sa edad ko..must try this product po talaga..

  3. The most amazing device ever, the cryotherapy mode is a life saver whenever my rosacea flares up it's so relieving!


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