A Love That Lasts Forever with AIA Philam Life

Ask who my bestfriend is and I’d say definitely my mother. My mom would always butt in on almost everything in my life, but I love her for it. My mother was my savior. Whenever I need help on practically anything, in metaphors- she would arrive in her saddle and would rescue me just like a knight in shining armor, true and original. She made sure I'm well. She made sure no one harms me. She provided what I need in this life though she had to juggle through jobs just to keep my life comfortable. She knows so much about life because she’s been through so much, after all, it’s hard being a single mother. Sometimes she can be sharp on her words, but it's her way of showing love and expressing her love for me. She would always remind me that hardwork is the key to achieve my dreams. She strived hard to provide for me and my siblings to the extent that she had to weather jobs abroad just to secure a good life for the whole family.

Throughout her life, she made sure she could guarantee a good life for me. I'm already contented with a roof under my head and a bed to sleep on, but she worked hard and gave us more than what we needed, which is now what I'm trying to do with my children; assuring my kids that they would be living a life that's even better than what I had. With this journey I choose to always live by life prepared with all the challenges I may face in the future. One of the most important things that I learned from my mom is that I should always be prepared in life. May it be physically, emotionally, or financially; I had to make sure I can still provide for my children especially since they're still my dependents.

I have invested on many things here and there, but one of the best that I have is with AIA All-in-one 5/10 Year pay run by Philam Life. Perfect policy promoting better flexi terms and legacy planning that will guarantee that whatever happens in the future, my family will still be able to go through their lives without restrictions financially. A little hand over from me to them in anticipation of whatever there is in the future that I pray would not happen.

Let your family live under your love no matter what happens. Start investing on what's essential rather than those that are merely unimportant. Plan you family's future as early as now through AIA All-in-one 5/10 Year pay! Always remember that preventions are always better than cure.

Watch the heartwarming video. love that lasts forever. Live out the dreams you built together with your family even when you are no longer around.  

Let your love live on. Start planning for your family’s future as early as now! For more information about AIA All-in-One, here are the details you need:

AIA Philam Life

Official Website: https://www.philamlife.com/en/our-products/protection/aia-all-in-one.html
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AIAPhilamLife
Email address: philamlife@aia.com
Contact number: (02) 8528-2000

Talk to a financial advisor today by signing up here: http://bit.ly/PALForeverlove

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  1. Kahit ako rin po gusto ko rin po magkaroon nito kase po ayoko po matulad sa akin ang mga anak ko po kaya kung magkakawork po ako ulit,talagang gagawa po ako ng way para makapag avail nito para sa tatlong anak ko po. Magandang regalo na po talaga ito sa mga anak natin ito..

  2. Sa panahon ngayon need talaga natin mag karon ng magandang insurance para satin at sa buong pamilya

  3. I Agree the loved of the Mom no one can resist,its pure and never fade.We may know a lot of friends they may go,or gone but the loved of our Mother will always remain in our hearts.


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