If you love classics “Bahay Kubo” and “Da Coconut Nut”, then you are likely to enjoy a new song that has been recently creating buzz, called “Prutas Pilipinas.” Music by National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, lyrics by Noel Ferrer and performed by The Company, the song was created in collaboration with local juice brand, Locally, and aims to educate and celebrate one of the best things we as Filipinos can be proud of – our fruits. 


In line with Locally’s mission of honoring our Filipino farmers and their crops, this collaboration with top Filipino music artists entitled “Prutas Pilipinas” is a  contemporary Filipino folk song featuring rhymes and riddles about homegrown fruits, both known and unknown.


“We are extremely proud of this unique collaboration between icons. Ryan Cayabyab is a national artist, Noel Ferrer is a well-known and respected lyricist with a deep knowledge of Filipino culture, The Company, is an amazing group of talented Filipino singers, and Maribel Garcia is a passionate advocate of the arts being the head of BGC’s art program as well as Mind Museum,” says Gretchen King, Locally Category Manager. “Filipinos are of course known to love music, so we wanted to reach out to them through this medium.”


“Nature, music, and science come together in our song “Prutas Pilipinas”. What better way to celebrate life than to sing a song about our fruits that give us life!” says Ryan Cayabyab


A way to spread more knowledge about something we all eat every day, “Prutas Pilipinas” not only names popular fruits, like mangoes, melons, and grapes but also more unique ones like chico, mangosteen, and dragonfruit. The song also mentions how nutritious and good these local fruits are, Locally’s way of championing what is proudly our own.


“I thought that it would be a good opportunity to start from basic fruits and expand it to a collective push for a healthy nation - para sa masigla, magaling at masayang Pilipinas. The genius of our National Artist Mr. Cayabyab, as shown in the excellent music, and the exceptional vocal quality and harmony of The Company made the song truly fun, dynamic, and meaningful,” shares Noel Ferrer.


“We feel that it is our mission to not only introduce these Philippine fruits through our juices but also to imbibe the knowledge and culture in every Filipino, especially today’s youth,” King continues. 


“Prutas Pilipinas is that rare moment in OPM where we get to tick all of the right boxes. This contemporary folk song is entertaining, educational and edifying. Transcending merely sensory enjoyment, this song becomes a pro-active participant in nation-building,” says The Company founding member, Moy Ortiz. 


The song has three versions – the first is the main song which has already been released and is quickly growing in popularity on Spotify. Set to be released soon, the second version integrates a little bit of “bugtungan” at the song’s beginning, while the third version is short and easy to memorize, made to be shared in schools nationwide through DepEd.


“This song is just the beginning,” says King. “We have exciting plans in collaboration with DepEd to integrate learning about Filipino fruits in the curriculum. We strongly believe that loving local and supporting our own is a culture that can be taught and encouraged at a young age. Our country produces some of the best and most amazing fruits in the world, and it’s time for all of us to know about and be proud of them,” concludes King. 


Prutas Pilipinas” is available for streaming on Spotify and soon, on YouTube. Locally juices are available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets. For more information, you may visit @Locally_PH on Instagram and Facebook. 

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  1. Hindi ko pa po ito napapakinggan pero mukhang maganda po ang song kase pinagsama sama po ang mga sikat pagdating sa larangan ng musika.. at itong product na Locally juice ay masarap po talaga.. ito po yung madalas ko bilhin sa supermarket..

  2. wow may kanta narin pala ang fruits

  3. wow great news this is one way of supporting our own product and para maging aware din ang mga kababataan sa kahalagahan ng pagsupporta sa sariling atin.

  4. Sarap naman ng juice na ito gawa ng mga manggagawa natin dito satin kaya we support locally made ❤️


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