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I have a new discovery! I've been hearing about this brand from my fellow moms in Europe and I am so excited to share with you. They're very well-known as Early Life Nutrition Experts in Europe called Nutricia, who are 120 years in the business! 

It's been said that nothing can ever prepare a woman for motherhood. But no matter how daunting and overwhelming it is in the beginning, nothing can compare to the fulfillment and the joy it ultimately brings. That's why moms need to be ready not only physically and emotionally but also nutritionally so they can fully enjoy this journey. And the best way to keep healthy, is to snack healthy. From Nutricia, the experts in early life nutrition, comes Aptamom

Aptamom is a ready-to-eat cereal bars that helps would-be moms #BeginReady. It’s healthy, nutritious, convenient and delicious with essential nutrition for pregnant and expecting mothers to get all the essential nutrients needed for her and her baby. It's early life nutrition that prepares Aptamoms to raise Aptakids.

💙 Contains the recommended Vit D, iron, iodine, folic acid & DHA in one bar per day. 
💙 Convenient as it is in a snack bar form (vs. other prenatal milk supplements). 
💙 1 Bar is equivalent to 2 glasses of milk. 

Available in two delicious flavors: Raisin and Chocolate with DHA and Berry Mix with DHA 

Recommended for pregnant moms (Aptamom) to take a bar (40g) to be taken daily as part of the balanced diet during pregnancy. Make sure to consult a doctor if you have any concerns about your nutritional needs. 

As a parent, you want the best life for your child. But in a fast paced and unpredictable world, getting there will come with many challenges. That's why you choose to prepare them. You choose to raise them... 
Ready to persevere when things get difficult. 
Ready to rise up when they feel knocked down. 
Ready to adapt when things don't go as planned. 
That's why you choose to prepare only the finest early life nutrition you trust-one that can protect them the same way you would. 
From Nutricia, Europe's Early Life Nutrition Expert comes Aptakid.

Aptakid is Nutricia’s staged milk formula for children aged 3 years and older. It has a unique blend of nutrients, Pronutra for tummy / gut health and brain development.

1. Produced by Nutricia, the number 1 infant milk brand in EU.
2. State-of-art/ Innovative/ Award Winning Packaging
-Enhanced scoop design
-Easy leveling
-Hygienic and handy scoop storage
-Possible to prepare milk with 1 hand only

3. Contains Pronutra+, a unique blend of Ingredients (vit A, C & D, E), LCPs (long chained polysaccharides/DHA), GOS/FOS (9:1 ratio) to help support brain development.

Recommended for 3 years old & above (for Aptakid)

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