Enjoy the ultimate K-Maya experience when supporting your K-faves with PayMaya!


From Hyun Bin, to BTS, to kilig K-dramas, the K-craze has truly taken over the hearts of many Filipinos. Whether you’re a BTS fan buying the new McDonald's BTS meal, or a K-drama fan watching your favorite oppa online, PayMaya has got you covered as it lets you enjoy the ultimate K-Maya experience with convenient cashless transactions and exclusive cashback rewards.  


Here are three ways you can take advantage of the ultimate K-Maya experience with just a few taps using your PayMaya app:   


  1. Get an exclusive 50% cashback on The BTS Meal from McDonald’s  

Whether you’re an avid BTS fan or simply craving for McNuggets dipped in the new Sweet chili and Cajun sauce, you canenjoy a smooth like butter experience when purchasing the famous McDonald’s BTS Meal right inside your PayMaya app – with the PayMaya Mall.   


On top of having a hassle-free transaction, you can also get an exclusive 50% cashback reward of up to P135 when you use your PayMaya-linked mobile number to pay for your meal with a minimum spend of P270. 


To take advantage of this sweet deal, simply tap ‘Maya Mall’ inside your PayMaya app, choose Food, and tap McDonald’s. From there, select the BTS Meal, click Pay with PayMaya on the Checkout Page and input your PayMaya-linked mobile number and password. You will then receive your cashback voucher for this reward which you can claim by clicking the 'Voucher' icon on your app. This promo runs on July 5-8, 2021, and July 12-15, 2021.  


McDonald’s is just one of the over 350 brands that you can explore at the PayMaya Mall to enjoy a more convenient and rewarding shopping experience for your everyday essentials.   


2.      Enjoy hassle-free subscription on Spotify Premium  


Subscribe to Spotify Premium with your PayMaya to get a next-level experience when listening to your favorite K-Pop artists from BTS to IU and enjoy your sound trip ad-free, and even offline!  


Signing up is easy because all you need is your PayMaya-linked mobile number. Simply go to www.spotify.com/premiumchoose your desired plan, select PayMaya as your payment option, and input your PayMaya-linked mobile number to complete the payment.   


That’s it! Simple and hassle-free so you can spend more of your time listening to your favorite K-Pop tracks. Who knows, you might even discover other stan-worthy K-pop artists there!  


3.      Give yourself (and your friends) the gift of K-Drama goodness  


Access the latest episodes of your favorite K-drama, fun variety shows, and other Asian content with a subscription to video streaming provider, Viu made easier with PayMaya. If you’re feeling generous, you can also send these packages as a gift to your loved ones!   


With your PayMaya app, you can avail of sulit Viu packages fit for your budget like a 3-day subscription for P29 with VIU29, 7-day subscription for P50 with VIU50, and a one-month subscription for P99 with VIU99. To get these packages for yourself or for your friends, just head to ‘Treats’ on your PayMaya app, type in VIU in the search tab, and choose the subscription package you’d like to avail.   


On top of these awesome deals and added convenience, paying for your favorite K-Pop merch is also so much easier with PayMaya. Use your virtual or physical PayMaya card for your payments, or transfer funds to other PayMaya or bank accounts – all within your app.   


With these awesome rewards and cashless convenience from PayMaya, supporting your bias, listening to your favorite K-Pop music, or watching K-drama is so much more enjoyable. Get the ultimate K-Maya experience by downloading the PayMaya app at https://official.paymaya.com/CAK1/425eb133 and registering an account. 


PayMaya is the only end-to-end digital payments ecosystem enabler in the Philippines, with platforms and services that cut across consumers, merchants, communities, and government.  

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  1. What a delightful and delicious treats for the whole family. Love it features and benefits


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