Warm baby food anywhere and anytime with Philips Avent Bottle warmer on the go, Available on Shopee!

If you baby is like mine who prefers warm milk, this Philips Avent  bottle warmer can save the day. This is an absolute must-have if you are always on the go and especially those with breastfed babies who are used to drinking warm milk or for babies who are just a bit more particular about how they take their bottles. 

A bottle warmer is a quick, safe way to uniformly heat a chilled bottle, freezer bag of milk or even refrigerated baby food so you can use it right away.

This bottle warmer makes it possible to warm milk or baby food anytime, anywhere. Boiled water in the thermos flask stays hot for up to 6 hours and bottles can be warmed within 2.5 minutes. 

Easy to use 

The easy pouring lid is designed for no spills on the go. It has clear open and close positions and is easy to clean. The protective lid on the beaker keeps the baby bottle safely inside to ensure fast and safe warming. 

Warms multiple feeds

Heat up multiple bottles with hot water from one pre-filled thermal flask (500 ml).

Thermal bottle warming for warm mik on the go

No power needed. This is the bottle warmer that you can take anywhere with you. Boiled water in the thermos flask stays hot for up to 6 hours and can be used to warm multiple bottles.

Easy to use
Simple place the bottle in the beaker, pop open the pouring lid of the pre-filled thermos flask and pour the hot water into the beaker. Screw the lid on the beaker for fast, easy and safe baby bottle warming. 

Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and containers

The bottle warmer is fully compatible with all Philips Avent bottles and containers*. Use it to warm bottles and baby food containers conveniently. 

Time to stock up on quality baby products for your babies! 

Shop at Philips Avent this 7.7 Mid-Year Sale! 

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