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Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four Powdered Milk Drink for 3+ years old 1.8kg

Enfagrow AII Four NuraPro is the first and only staged milk in the Philippines with the natural, easy-to-digest benefits of pure A2 milk together with the brain-building nutrients, DHA and MFGM Pro for your child's holistic development!


Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four is the first and only staged milk in the Philippines that:

1. Is sourced from grass-fed New Zealand A2 cows

-->Enfagrow AII Nurapro uses skim milk sourced from hand-picked A2 cows in New Zealand

2. Contains all- natural, easy-to-digest A2 milk proteins

--> A2 milk protein, also know as A2 beta-casein, is naturally found in cow’s milk and belongs to casein family. Emerging studies suggests that A2 milk protein is easy for children to digest and absorb.

3. Has brain-building nutrients DHA and MFGM Pro

--> Contains clinically effective levels of DHA and MFGM, in addition to Vit. B12

Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four also helps promote gut health with  Prebiotic FOS which may contribute to a healthy gut microbiome. Gutmicrobiome plays a key role in supporting the immune system.

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  1. Wow perfect product , thank you for sharing this . Tlga nman ang laki ng matitipid ngayong 11.11 big christmas sale ❤️😍

  2. Omg this is big savings po.
    Nag enjoy talaga ako sa big discounts.


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