Enjoy huge discounts with Huggies at Shopee Mom's Club!

Being a mother is not easy, especially during this period, where they have to strike a delicate balance between work and family. Thanks to Shopee for creating this initiative serves as a comprehensive support system to meet the key needs of mothers as well as build a community for mothers to connect and support each other.

With Shopee Mom’s Club serving as a one-stop-shop for exclusive discounts and vouchers — getting the best deals for parents and soon-to-be parents to give the best for our children. 

Become a Shopee Mom’s Club member now! Sign up at https://shopee.ph/m/mom-club to get exclusive deal from Huggies!

Huggies is not only best for babies, but you get the best deals in Shopee. 

Huggies Dry Newborn has an-all around cottony softness that provides gentle protection for your baby's delicate skin. It also has a Runny poo leakguard that helps prevent messy back leaks from runny poo. And lastly, it's clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash! 

Huggies Pure Clean Wipes made with 100% pure water that's safe to use around baby's mouth.

Huggies is the Xpert sa Comfort! The new Huggies Dry Pants has X shaped channels that allow fast absorption and comfortable movement

Shop now at https://shopee.ph/huggies_diapers  

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