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Tiny Buds Newborn Dry Cotton Wipes are made from pure cotton. Each pull is soft  and biodegradable.

Dry wipes are very easy to use, just add water or leave dry! They are free from fragrance and preservatives, light weight, and suitable for newborn and sensitive skin. Soak in warm water to clean newborn babies from face to bum.  

Tiny Buds Quick & Easy Natural Diaper Changing Spray (120ml)                                                                                                                                

This New Innovation is perfect for both traveling & home use. Saves time and wipes needed!

In addition to cleaning the baby's bottom, this special rinse-free formula is also infused with skin-loving natural ingredients selected to nourish baby's skin to become healthy, soft * smooth. Using this spray helps avoid rashes and is gentle enough to clean the baby's skin from face, hands, body to bum.

Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Powder for Babies (1KG)  is made from coconut-based cleaning agents that keep baby’s clothes clean without any harsh chemicals. Leaves no residue in water and makes baby's clothes smell amazing!    

Tiny Buds Odor Away Baby Fabric Refresher Mist 200ml                                                                                                                                                  

Bye Bye to the strong odors of diaper mess, spit up baby food and formula.

 Spray on: 

-Cribs and Beddings,

-Car seats or strollers,

-Carpets and upholstery,

-Even on trash bins.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

It is gentle on baby clothes and safe on color fabric.      


How to use:

Spray Lightly on fabric and the odors will start to fade immediately. No need to rinse after use. Do Not Spray directly on face and keep out reach of children.

Tiny Things Black & White Educational Flash Cards                                                                                                                                        

Support the development of your baby's eyesight with these high contrast drawings and patterns made fun and educational through these adorable flash cards!

As newborns are getting to know the world around them, these black  and white cards will help stimulate their vision.                      

Each pack has 20 back-to-back cards with a total of 40 cute designs:

- Friendly Characters

- Everyday Objects

- Interesting Patterns

Grab a Pack and Have Hours of Fun & Exploration with your little one!

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