A Merrier and Sparkling Christmas with Welch’s!

For kids, moms-to-be, or those who don’t like to consume alcoholic drinks, there is still a sparkling drink perfect for these holiday gatherings —Welch’s Sparkling Juice in Red, White and Rosé variants. 


Welch's Sparkling Juice can be made into a variety of fantastic mocktails, paired with any meat, seafood, or poultry of choice, or even given as an impromptu gift – making it the ideal bubbly beverage for any celebration.  Made to make any celebration special, Welch’s Sparkling Juice is produced from USA-grown grapes with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup, so you can indulge in a few glasses without feeling any guilt! 

Over the holiday season, families and friends love to travel – whether it’s for a staycation or going out of town. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of Welch’s Sparkling Juice wherever this season of celebration may take you. It can be placed inside a cooler or freezable bag for convenience. 


Some families, meanwhile, prefer to slow down during the holiday break and take this time to bond with each other in their homes. Welch’s is readily available through a variety of online channels. It can be delivered right at your doorsteps, allowing you to host an impromptu game night or Netflix binge. 


With an old (and challenging) chapter closing and a new year ahead of us, share the joy of this festive season with your loved ones and celebrate with a glass of Welch’s Sparkling Juice for the perfect holiday. 


A product of the USA, Welch’s products are available in retail stores. To learn more about Welch’s Sparkling Juices and recipes, visit www.welchs.com or follow Welch's PH on FB (WelchsPH) and IG (Welchs_ph). 

You may also have your favorite Welch’s juices delivered at your doorstep by visiting acemarket.ph. Or place your order in the following online groceries: metromart.com, Fly Ace store in LazMart, and waltermartdelivery.com.ph.

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