California Nails and Day Spa Celebrating Its 20th Year!

For California Nails and Day Spa nail coloring, grooming and pampering has come a long way since it launched its basic services in 2002. Now, in its 20th year in the beauty and wellness industry, it is one of the pioneer nail spas as well as one of the franchising nail salon businesses in the Philippines. 


It Started with a Dream 


Born and raised in the United States, Matta has had a passion for nail art since she was young. As a teenager, she was already obsessed with polishing her nails and putting on nail art. She enjoyed manicuring and polishing her own nails and always got complimented on how great they looked. Matta eventually decided to pursue the beauty business, earning a nail care license and skin care license with the California State Board of Cosmetology and a postgraduate course at the Dermal Institute in Torrance, California. 


In her extensive stay in the industry, Leslie has witnessed how it has evolved with the changing and challenging world: “Decades ago, shades of polish were limited to about 20 shades. Nowadays there are over 500 shades of polish from pastels, metallic, matted to glittery,” California Nails & Day Spa owner and founder Leslie Matta shares. 


“Nail art back then was limited to ‘dots and lines’ designs. Now, the nail art designs have exploded into so many different kinds of nail accessories: rhinestones, pearls, metallics, foils,     

charms, decals, stickers, dotting tools, striping tapes, glitters, and stamps.  It is a lot of fun to wear nail art and bring out a new personality in our guests.”


Matta explains that having healthy and good-looking nails is more than just aesthetics. Nails are attached to one of a  person’s most used body parts, the hands and feet. Unhealthy nails can chip or break easily, which can cause uneasiness when doing daily work. Matta advises to “Keep a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of vitamin A and  D enriched foods and  have regular manicures,” as some of the steps to maintain one’s nails. “Having healthy nails will also benefit your skin and hair, and well-being,” she adds. 


Running a Business Amidst a Pandemic


In its journey, California Nails & Day Spa wasn’t spared by the effects of COVID-19, rather, this showed just what owner Matta was made of when it came to protecting her dream, partners, employees, and customers.  


“The lockdown caused much anxiety to our employees and our clients.  Many operators did not have savings in the bank to turn to.  And because of that, we and our franchisees had to keep 


California Nails & Day Spa open. Having said that, there are always concerns and issues when having a business, so having a positive attitude is more than half of solving those issues.”


“Giving up is not an option,” she points out. “The beauty and wellness business is growing and is a billion dollar industry. If you have the interest and have the passion to work in the beauty industry, keep on learning.  


I encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to have the courage to make the first step towards their dreams. You won’t be successful until you make the decision to go for it. There is so much to be thankful for. I am so excited to see more growth and innovation in the coming months and years as the country  transitions to the new normal,” she continues. 


California Nails and Day Spa is always up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Its trainers go to the United States and regularly attend nail expos and  beauty shows to know the current trends and what’s new on the nail business market. They are one of the first to come out with the latest fashion in nails. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your overall look, or even just focus on giving your nails a glow up, California Nails and Day Spa is the place to be! 



California Nails and Day Spa extends their services to give the customer the whole beauty experience offering facial, waxing, and massaging services, offering high-quality services are offered at reasonable prices. 

To know the latest promos and updates visit and follow California Nails and Day Spa on their social media sites: 

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For inquiries and bookings, contact us via 09178588162; 88253419; 88201569.


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