Local Craft Beer + Fine Food at THE PERFECT PINT

The Perfect Pint 
2nd Floor, Crossroads Building, 
32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City. 
Open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. 
For inquiries call +632-8231320 or +63936-9403406
In only less than a year since it opened, this gamechanging gastropub has attracted a wide range of clientele from upwardly mobile young urban professionals, college buddies hanging out for a reunion, co-workers celebrating a promotion or birthday, and even business leaders who just want to relax and unwind. 

The Perfect Pint is well on its way to fulfilling its purpose of offering a whole new experience for the Filipinos to ‘savor the flavor’ of carefully chosen craft beer and fine food pairings showcasing the best of the Philippines.
Fuelled by their continuing quest for the ‘perfect pint’, Alec, Noel Jr. and Raymond Tempongko vowed to take the Philippine beer lovers’ experience a notch higher.  With the entry of new local craft brewers, the Tempongko brothers seized the opportunity to support Filipino brewers by opening THE PERFECT PINT, a fitting venue where consumers can taste their products as well as experience the art of craft beer & food pairing.

No less than renowned Chef Gene Gonzales came on board to fulfill the brothers’ vision by creating sumptuous modernized Filipino dishes specifically designed for the local brews.  The Perfect Pint’s menu offers unique pairing suggestions that showcase how its craft beers intensify the flavor of each featured dish.  Some of the favorite craft beer and food pairings include:
Two Way Oysters with  Katipunan Craft Ale’s Signal No. 1 Stout or TPP’s Black Mamba  A pint of stout and oysters is one of life’s ‘little luxuries’. The bitter, roasted, smooth flavour of a dry Irish stout is a beautiful contrast to the creamy, salty, sweet oysters.  Sip the beer first and then slurp down the oyster and vice versa to savor the flavors.

Heap of Bacon with Pivo Dark Lager The Pivo Dark Lager, a light beer with a strong flavor cuts through the saltiness and delicious fattiness of the bacon very well. The beer’s malty flavor and a distinct, slightly bitter hoppiness, provides an excellent contrast with the saltiness of cured bacon just perfectly.

Grilled Sausage Platter with India Pale Ale or Imperial Stout The hearty, spicy and full-flavored sausages call for an equally intense beer, such as an IPA or Imperial Stout. The beer's greater hoppy bite cuts through the richness of the sausage, while the more darkly roasted malt provides caramel notes that play to the deeply flavored meat.   The Perfect Pint homebrewed beers such as The Holy Grail Double IPA or Crystal Skull Imperial Stout are an excellent pair with the popular Grilled Sausage Platter.

Crispy Pig Knuckles with Mango Salad and Tom Yum Dip with Pivo Weizen or Sierra Madre American Wheat The oven-braised and deep fried pork knuckles is soft on the inside but super crisp on the outside. What makes this unique to the classic Crispy Pata, is the mango salad and Thai-style spicy tom yum dip.  The dish is best paired with Wheat beer, Pivo Praha Weizen or Sierra Madre American Wheat because the delightful aroma and taste of ripe banana and the sweetness from the wheat malt blend well with the Thai spices.

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  1. How I wish na malapit lang ako sa BGC. I occassionally drink beer but not to the point na malalasing ako. Hope I'll be able to try their draft beers and food na Pedeng i-pair. :)

  2. Uyyyy I like this place ;) Hihihihihi!

  3. Their "pulutan" looks so appetizing and how they plate it. I am not a beer drinker but surely all who always to unwind will like this place.

  4. Everything is so appealing! I don't drink anymore but this place makes me want to. Hahaha! I bet "The Perfect Pint" will perfectly satisfy anybody who loves to drink.


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