Must Have Home Workout Tools

Many of us want to start the year right by living a healthy lifestyle. Freeing oneself away from vices, unhealthy foods, fats, and maintaining or getting a perfect body for fitness. When it comes to getting fit, fulfilling the most common New Year’s resolution is just a matter of discipline, desire and exercise. Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean getting a membership from the gym and having your routines on a crowded fitness gym near you. 
You can now achieve the perfectly fit body you wanted on the comfort of your own home. Lamido Home & Living products offers the best selection of must-have workout tools you can purchase in just a few clicks! 

And worry no more on the results, as with the right exercise equipment, your body will be as fit as like you pumped those barbells and grind with the treadmills, or maybe even better! Exercise at home with these budget-friendly essentials to help you build those muscles the whole year round;

Resistance Bands

Exercise bands are an excellent companion for both beginners and exercisers alike. These items come in different resistance level which are distinguished by their colors. To start, choose a medium-strength resistance band, but basically, you can choose the right level of resistance depending on the ability and moves you’re doing. You can also increase a band’s resistance by folding it lengthwise.

Exercise Mat

This is a home workout must. These mats will cushion you from hard floor and will give you better support when doing ab workouts or other floor exercise and warm up stretches. Plus, exercise mats also make it easier and more comfortable to do yoga and Pilates.


Dumbbells or hand weights are great for building muscles and are your perfect partner in strength training regimens. Choose the right weight of these dumbbells carefully, especially if you’re just starting to muscle up.

Workout DVDs

If you like taking workout classes, or simply don’t know the right moves to burn fats on this and that, then buy some workout DVDs and get moving! This is one way to add a life on your workout by trying something new like Zumba, kickboxing or yoga. There are already DVDs of any level and interest in all market either online or offline.

These are just some of the most common home gym tools that can totally help anyone who wants to get fit this brand new year. And you can easily shop for them at any stores near you or your favorite online shop. Still, the right tools and equipment for your fitness regimen depends on how you want to shape your body and build your muscles. Doing some research to have enough knowledge in such is a better way to start a healthy lifestyle. Add some inspirations, or something to heighten up your eagerness to make sure you’ll achieve your needs for a fit body. And make it flashy!

If you do not have the time to go on window shopping to scout for the most affordable workout tools perfect for your needs, online shops are the best options you have! If you are always on the go, the Lamido App is something you should have in your phone. Shopping with this app is cool, fast and easy! Now you can shop for workout tools in just minutes!

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  1. thank you for sharing this ma'am...i try to browse in lamido home and living and surprisingly the prices their is very cheap and affordable for all the consumers..

  2. Thanks for this sharing of ypur ma'am rochelle. I am currently having my zumba in SM later. I just started this Jan as my new year resolution to keep fit.

  3. I gotta have this.. will check Lamido site need to work out na talga..

  4. there are lots of these via instagram, prices vary yet even more affodable....


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