Are you sure your drinking water is safe and pure?

Ask yourself these questions, How safe is my drinking water? Where does my drinking water comes from, and how is it treated? What can I do to help protect my drinking water? 
Unilever Philippines, through its state-of-the art water purifier- Pureit, has launched campaign to empower households consumers to question the safety of their drinking water, and in doing so, protect the health of their families. 
Watch this video of how typical water refilling station processed the water, revealing how refilled water can become contaminated especially during handling, storage and delivery of container. 
Many homes have drinking water that is not sanitary or is contaminated. 

In fact, we used to be one of the 60 percent of households to buy drinking water from water refilling stations. 

Protecting my family, myself and others from potentially contaminated drinking water takes some thought and effort. 
"Through the video, we wanted to show households, especially the moms, how refilled water can easily be contaminated due to improper handling and transport of containers and other human factors. This, in turn, can pose health risks for the family, especially the children, "said Brian Duruin, Pureit brand manager

The United Nations Children's Fund lists diarrhea, cholera and typhoid fever as some of the deadly diseases that can be triggered by drinking contaminated water. 
To help address this concern, Unilever has introduced Pureit Excella, an in-home, non-electric water purifier that converts tap water into clean and safe drinking water. Pureit has an advanced five-step purification process that eliminated 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and parasites to meet the stringent safety standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency. 
Pureit Ultima
Pureit Marvella
Two product demonstrations were held to showcase the efficacy of Pureit in eliminating microscopic disease-causing germs and bacteria. The demonstrations were conducted by the Unilever Research and Development team and a microbiologist from SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. 
They compared E.coli bacteria-spiked water and water purified by Pureit and proven that not slightest trace of bacteria is found in the Pureit water. 

Pureit has perfected its water purification process to be able to deliver only the cleanest and safest water. 
Unilever Philippines Vice President for Home Care and Foods Benjie Yap talked about how Pureit's "Sure Ka Ba?" campaign and other efforts to bring safe drinking water closer to Filipino families are part of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan which allows Unilever to provide health and wellness, environment, nutrition and livelihood programs on a global scale. 
Pureit celebrity mom endorser, Dimples Romana
Cheers to safe and pure drinking water by Pureit!
Celebrity mom Dimples Romana with Unilever Philippines VP for Homecare and Food Benjie Yap with Pureit Brand Manager Brian Duruin. 
It is the right of our children to protect them from bacteria and other germs that can cause diarrhea. Make sure to only give them water that is clean, odorless and safe to drink. Invest on Pureit and BE SURE!
The event was held at the Avida Showroom in Glorietta Center, Makati City where Pureit demo units is available on display for this month of September. 

Avida, one of the country's leading real estate developers for the mid-market segment of the industry, supports Unilever and Pureit in their effort to provide households with access to safe drinking water to ensure your health. 

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