Health is wealth and eating right is not enough to keep your body in good shape. We have to exert effort and exercise once in a while. But sometimes exercising can be a bit needy and can require so much from you. 

Like having to go out of your way just to go to the gym, having to run in the muddy street for your morning jog or even having to throw a bit of your dignity because your zumba instructor decided to have your session in front of everyone in the park. These things can get annoying and just detoriates your drive to exercise. 

I wish that I can just exercise at the comfort of my own home.  

Good thing S&R is having a sale on all their fitness equipment and my dream to work out at home can possibly turn into a reality. 
Check out this Walk Fit treadmill on sale for Php23,299.95, save Php4,150 which will really help in my case. I wouldn't have to leave home just to go out for a jog and can still watch over my kids while running in style.

If budget is running low, we can always go for an alternative. 

We can use Twist Stepper while saving up for the treadmill. It only costs Php3,697.95 pesos, save Php652 which is a really good deal given its function and portability. 

SJ-0019-Bench is on sale for Php3,697.95, save Php652
Looking to buy a Yoga Mat? When it comes to buying the best yoga mat, S&R offers not only a durable mat that made to last a lifetime but also will let you save money because it only costs P434.95

You can also spice up and intensify your routine with the help of the Perfect Push Up for P1,374.95. Pushups are a barebones muscle-building exercise that's incorporated in nearly every major athlete's training program because they work. Simple as that. They target your arms, chest, and core, serving as one of the most efficient bodyweight movements you can do . Better yet, you can crank them out anywhere, anytime and easily up the intensity by changing the elevation adding the Perfect Push Up equipment, moving your hand and feet positioning, even adding instability.

They also have this amazing stability ball that is great for cardio. I can just go to YouTube and watch video tutorials on how to use it. It's just like having a personal trainer without having to pay the fees. 

If exercising outside is inconvenient for you, why don't you try booting up your mini gym at home? S&R will help you get started. 

Bring out your inner vanity and start working out for your dream bod. 

Start today and get that fat out your ass. Cheers to healthy living and being physically fit! 

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