Get perfectly clean clothes with Midea’s front loading washing machine

With the proliferation of laundry shops, many people especially first-time homeowners opt to send their clothes to the cleaners rather than buy a washing machine. 

However, what many do not know is that going to the cleaners might turn out to be costly in the long run. Not only will your laundry bills pile up, but also the hassle of bringing and picking up your laundry may prove to be inconvenient. Likewise, since strangers will be handling your clothes, they might not receive the care they deserve as when you are doing your own washing.

Front-loading vs. top-loading washing machines
Newlyweds and early nesters should consider a washing machine when fixing up their new home. Not only will they be able to give their clothes the TLC they deserve, but they are also assured that they are getting washed properly.

Midea, one of the largest producers of major appliances in the world, offers a fully automatic front-loading washing machine that combines the features of high-end washers at an affordable price.

Compared with standard top-loading washing machines, front-loading washers use less water to wash your clothes. Its efficient use of water cuts down on regular water consumption by up to 70 percent from top-loading ones.

Likewise, front-loading washers use less electricity than top-loading ones. This is especially true when you use hot water when washing. Since less water is needed to wash your clothes using front-loading washers, the machine has to heat less water compared to top-loading ones.

The design of front-loading washing machines also minimizes the wear and tear of clothes. Since front load washing machines wash clothes by spinning it vertically, there’s less friction between the clothes and the washer drum and less friction means less damage to clothes plus they are not tangled up together.

A number of special features
Midea’s front-loading washing machine boasts a number of special features that make it the perfect partner for condominium dwellers. In fact, it will only cost you P2 in electricity cost per for an 82 minute wash, rinse and dry cycle, much cheaper than bringing your clothes to the cleaners.

Midea’s washer has 16 customized programs that have been optimized depending on the type of clothes and fabric being washed. You can choose from regular wash, delicates, infantwear and activewear, among others, for the best wash. It is an assurance that clothes will not be damaged with minimal contact with the washer drum, as well as less tangles that can cause wrinkling and even tearing of delicate clothing.

It has a built-in heater, which allows you to wash your clothes at different temperatures. You can choose to wash either at room temperature or anywhere from 20 degrees to 90 degrees centigrade for better cleaning ability. A foam reducer and extra rinse functions also protects against detergent residue, which could discolor whites and brightly colored clothes.

The washer also has a high-spin feature of up to 1400 rpm for better water extraction and the efficient removal of stains and residue.

All Midea front-loading washers come with a worry-free three-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 10-year warranty on the motor and drum. This way, you are assured of a durable appliance that you will be able to use for many years to come.

With all its energy and special features, Midea’s front-loading washing machine not only cleans your clothes with care, but also helps you save on energy and water consumption with each use. It is the perfect appliance for newlyweds and first-time homeowners.

Midea’s front-loading washing machine is available in a 7-kilogram-load model.

For details about Midea’s front-loading washing machine and other household appliances and small gadgets, visit or

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  1. even b4 pa, if i am to have my own washing machine, i told myself that i'll pick the front load ( that is if i can afford ), for the reason that i get to see the clothes inside while spinning,un lang, diko alam na my benefits pala choosing this compared to the usual top load washing machines, now i know, thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for the informative post. Now I know the advantages of this kind of washing machine, though it's a bit pricey for us for now than what the regular washing machine we are using now. I can invest on this one as it offers great features and I'm impressed. Hopefully soon we can buy this one.Thanks for featuring this. A big help:)


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