My allergic rhinitis is one of the things I hate the most. It’s not only about the discomfort and the annoying attacks I have been experiencing since I was little that I detest my allergens for, but also the fact that my kids also have it. I could bear myself sneezing crazily rather than seeing my precious children suffer from allergic reactions when they get near furry animals like cats and dogs. I have been looking for ways and means to shield my entire family from any nasal disquiets. Then, Humer invited me to the launch of a campaign that is very personal to me.

Humer, a health brand manufactured by Laboratories Urgo, acknowledges the importance of nasal care that we don’t normally pay attention to. Colds and allergic rhinitis are common viral diseases. Humer provides natural treatments that can help ease symptoms of these nasal discomforts to both infants/kids and adults including pregnant women. This is great news! I remember when I was still pregnant, I was afraid to take medicines. Consequently, my allergic reaction to pollens got worse. Moms out there need not to worry anymore because Humer can help ease the symptoms of these nasal diseases.
Let’s take a look at the product range that Humer offers:

Humer Nasal Seawater Spray- consists of natural seawater nasal sprays that gently clean the nose by humidifying dry mucosities and fluidifying nasal secretions to help me breathe easier and better!

  • Its non-diluted formula retains the seawater’s marine elements and mineral salts. Humer’s seawater comes from Saint Malo bay in Brittany, France that is well-known for the quality of its water. You may have heard this before from our traditional remedies here in the Philippines, seawater is really a good natural defense. Some elderly folks told me before, “Dalhin mo sa tabing dagat, gagaling agad yan."
  • Surprisingly enough, it not just folktale. There’s science behind it! Seawater is ideal for cleaning nose as it removes particles, such as dust, pollution, tobacco smoke, allergens, etc., that weaken our nasal mucosa. It is naturally rich in trace elements like:
Copper –that helps to protect nasal mucosa against infectious agents (bacteria, viruses);
Manganese – that helps me strengthen nasal mucosa against allergens;
Sulfur – that helps me regenerate nasal mucosa weakened by repeated infection.

  • Humer Nose Hygiene- an isotonic (balanced salt concentration) nasal spray to clean and moisturize mucus membranes inside the nose.
  • Humer Blocked Nose- a hypertonic (high salt concentration) nasal spray to help decongest blocked nose.
I can bring Humer anywhere we go so I don’t have to worry if any of us needed assistance when we have allergic reactions or colds. It comes in easy-to-use bottles that have an anti-return valve that averts contamination caused by reflux of mucus. This technology makes Humer bottles convenient to use even when lying down and over a long period of time. The pink bottles are for infants/kids, and the blue ones for adults. Just like other sprays, it is used by simply inserting the nozzle into the nostril and giving it a quick press. Part of the hygiene is to clean the nozzle in hot water to avoid contagion.

All these we learned during “Humerific Day” a month ago at Early Bird Breakfast Club in Century City Mall, Makati. The culmination activity aimed to make “Humerific Moms” out of ordinary moms by sharing us the knowledge on how to battle nasal discomforts for a naturally cleaner, better and happier breathing experience for the entire family.

I wish I was with my kids in the event because there were enjoyable and helpful activities like terrarium-making, a super fun plant-based activity that is free from runny and itchy nose. 

The whole experience made us realize that, aside from oral care, nasal care is also important in our daily routine. Humer Nasal Seawater spray is indeed what I have been looking and waiting for to help me and my kids avoid nasal discomforts. From now on, I will be a 100% Humerific Mom!

Humer is available in Mercury Drug and MedExpress outlets in Metro Manila. 

Visit Humer at and Like Humer PH on Facebook or search for #HumerificMoms, #HumerPH for more details.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

ASC Ref. No: U019N0171816H

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