Datu Puti Adobo Movement Brings Culinary Heritage To The Home

Are you part of Team Adobo?

All Filipinos across the regions have their own take on the adobo, inspired by how the traditional comfort food is prepared by their families based on the their flavor preferences and their access to local ingredients, reports the Adobo Movement. As such, the adobo is such a comfort food that has practically permeated usual spreads and starred in many kitchens.

The Datu Puti Adobo Movement was initially created to push for Adobo to be our pambansang ulam. It is a movement that celebrates the cultural heritage of the Adobo dish. This push for Adobo has reached much acclaim and has even been echoed by efforts in Congress. In fact, Bohol First District Representative Rene Relampagos filed House Bill 3926 in 2014, which sought to formally declare it as the national dish. The Datu Puti Adobo Movement has drawn support for the bill through a petition since the launching of the advocacy in June 2015.

The Adobo Events

To get people more involved in the Adobo Movement, Datu Puti hosts exciting events that seek to keep adobo in the common culinary consciousness. Recently, it gathered Mercato Centrale’s veteran home-based cooks to create their own special Adobo dish. Fourteen entries were selected based on various criteria, including: creativity of concept, which looks at the story behind the dish as well as originality, branding and cooking technique; innovation, noting the use of unique special ingredients and Datu Puti products; and Philippine culinary heritage, including how it adopts and represents regional cooking styles. Among the participants, top entries that wowed the crowd were chosen as Adobo Challenge Winners
The Oinkery’s Pugon-Smoked Adobo at first place
 Dayrit’s Adobong Laing Pinangat at second place
Bakmi Nyonya’s Babi Kekap Adobo Nyonya at third place

and Lariza’s Seafood Adobo for People’s Choice Award.

With initiatives like the Adobo Challenge, the warm response of urban foodies and a slew of upcoming events and activities, the Adobo Movement, thanks to efforts of Datu Puti, has definitely made strides in rallying more people behind the nation’s ulam of choice.
Adobo At Home

The excitement at Adobo Movement events comes full circle thanks to the adobo magic that happens at home. In home kitchens, everyone is practically his or her own adobo master. All it takes to whip your own specialty of the yummy ulam is any type of meat and vegetable, marinated in or cooked with at least two of the three main Datu Puti products:
 vinegar, patis (fish sauce) and soy sauce.

For those who want a quick-to serve option with various flavors, Datu Puti has actually come up with ready adobo mixes. 
The Datu Puti Adobo Mixes has four varieties: Pininyahang Adobo Sauce which represents Adobong Luzon; Spicy Adobo, which is adobong may sipa; Humba Sauce, which represents Adobong Bisaya or the Visayan rendition; and Adobo Sa Gata or Adobong Bicolano, which brings to life the Coco-based flavor the region is known for.
If you’re keen on supporting the Datu Puti Adobo Movement, brave the kitchen and make your own signature adobo today. And, sign the petition at www.adobomovement.com to officially count yourself in on Team Adobo. 

With your dish, let’s all volt in to make adobo truly the home fave and the pambansang ulam.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!

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